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Dodgeball Travel Insurance

Dodgeball Travel Insurance

Are you looking for a fast-paced sport? Dodgeball will test the limits of your reflexes, strength, and agility. The sport is popular in more than a dozen countries and a favorite pastime for thousands of people—as well as a staple of gym classes everywhere.

Dodgeball is an excellent workout for your child. Not only will it develop their physical attributes, but it will also help them build team coordination. Since it is impossible to win the game alone, communication and teamwork are big parts of dodgeball.

Dodgeball is a wonderful sport, but it does come with some risks of physical injury. If your vacation plans include dodgeball, then securing yourself or your child with hazardous sports travel insurance will make sure that the medical treatment of injuries does not affect your finances.

Travel Insurance for Dodgeball

Do you want to keep playing dodgeball while you travel? Medical treatment for the kind of injuries sustained during hazardous sports can be expensive. But with extreme sports travel insurance, you won't have to worry about those medical bills at all.

Some standard travel insurance plans don’t cover the risks of extreme sports like dodgeball. So, secure yourself with a hazardous sports travel insurance plan before you step onto the dodgeball court.

Basics of Dodgeball

Dodgeball was originally an African war game. Though the game varied from tribe to tribe, it was usually played with stones and was quite brutal. The tribes used it to train their youth in the ways of war. Dr. James Carlisle brought it back to England in the 19th century, where it quickly became popular and spread to the U.S. in the early 20th century.

Though initially played outdoors, dodgeball was later moved indoors to make it more fast-paced. Indoor dodgeball limits the player's movements, thus increasing the chances of a collision. Getting hit with the ball at close range or colliding with other players can cause injuries, so make sure that the court is not overcrowded before you step into the game.

If your child is playing dodgeball, then be sure that the game is supervised by a coach or another adult. Bullies and troubled teens often use dodgeball practice as a way to vent their frustrations. They do not have the restraint of an adult, and they can injure your child with repeated strikes to settle a grudge.

Professional players should get protective gear for their elbows and knees. The rate of injury in dodgeball is high, and these protections can minimize the risk. The density, weight, and size of the ball vary from place to place. But it is generally a good idea to avoid getting hit in the face or the back of the head, as it can give you a concussion.

Risks of Playing Dodgeball

The most common dodgeball-related injuries are to the ankle, shoulder, or head. Ankles mostly suffer from sprains and twists because of the player's constant change of direction. Shoulder injuries occur from overuse and repetitive throwing of the ball. And the most severe injury is a concussion caused by getting hit on the head with the ball. Collisions with other players may result in minor injuries like bruises and sprains. These risks are amplified by aggression between players. Maintaining sportsmanlike conduct can help stabilize the playing field.

You cannot completely do away with the risks of dodgeball. But you can protect your finances with adventure sports travel insurance so that the medical bills do not make a dent in your finances.

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