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Dog Sledding Travel Insurance

Dog Sledding Travel Insurance

Dog sledding is an activity in which one or more dogs pull a sled across a stretch of ice. The activity is most prevalent in Alaska and other regions near the North Pole, like Greenland.

Dog sledding is used for practical reasons in colder countries because, due to the heavy snow in the region, dog sleds are the only way to move around. However, it is also a recreational pastime, and tourists often take dog sled rides to enjoy an integral part of Alaskan culture.

With dog sledding travel insurance, you can try out this amazing sport with a solid financial safety net beneath you in case of any unexpected accidents or injuries.

Travel Insurance for Dog Sledding

While traveling to Alaska, Canada, Siberia, or Greenland, make sure you have travel insurance that covers dog sledding.

Some travel insurance or accident insurance might not cover dog sledding, as they see it as a substantially riskier mode of transport than a typical vehicle. So, if your standard travel insurance does not cover dog sledding, you can buy extra insurance for additional coverage which will include dog sledding. Be sure to read the plan’s fine print before you purchase.

Be wary of engaging in dog sledding if you are not comfortable around huge, mountainous dogs. On the other hand, if you are sure you will take dog sledding rides, then opt for dog sledding travel insurance beforehand for financial security.

Medical expenses in a foreign land could be expensive, and regions like Alaska or Siberia do not have high-end medical facilities. Hence, your travel insurance for dog sledding should also include medical evacuation benefits in case of an emergency.

Introduction to Dog Sledding

Dog sleds are pulled by dogs that are native to the snowy mountains near the North Pole. The most common breeds of dogs used include Siberian Huskies or Alaskan Malamutes. These dogs are trained to run on snow in high altitudes, and they are resilient to the intense snow and cold weather conditions in regions like Siberia and Alaska. The dogs are attached to the sled in a line, or they are paired side by side. The sleds are also used to transport goods and supplies through the snowy mountain paths.

For tourists, a sled is often the only form of available transport when they want to traverse deep into the mountains. Those who seek adventure and want to push themselves to experience the true beauty of the snow-capped regions near the North Pole have to take a dog sled ride.

Dog sledding races are also an important part of Alaskan culture, and locals and tourists alike participate in these events.

Risks of Dog Sledding

Although dog sledding is fairly safe (thanks to the extremely well-trained dogs which are used for the purpose), it has a few risks as well. Travel insurance for dog sledding will help you cover the risks.

Those new to the sport could have difficulty holding onto the sleds on the snow. The snow can be very sleek and slippery, making it difficult for novice riders to maintain balance on the sled. If you are thrown off, then you could suffer from severe fractures.

When sunlight hits solid snow, it can produce a blinding effect and could blur your vision. While the dog sled rides depend mostly on the instinct, strength, and speed of the well-trained dogs, it is also important for the rider to know where the sled is going. If you are racing without a guide, and you are responsible for controlling your sleigh, then you should also be comfortable with the presence of the dogs. If you are fearful of dogs, then this sport is not for you, as you would have to depend entirely on them during the ride, but if you are with a guide, they will handle everything and you can still enjoy.

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