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Storm Chasing Travel Insurance

Storm Chasing Travel Insurance

Are you a thrill-seeker? Nothing is as thrilling and fascinating as witnessing massive storms up close. Chasing storms might sound absurd to most people, but those who have had a taste of it will never forget it.

Storm chasing is an adventure sport that few are brave enough to try. If you want to feel the awe-inspiring force of nature, then this might be right up your alley.

Storms are unpredictable and dangerous. Before you head out on a storm's trail, make sure you secure yourself with hazardous sports travel insurance that covers storm chasing to mitigate the financial risks you may incur as a result of any accidents or injuries.

Travel Insurance for Storm Chasing

To chase storms, you have to keep traveling. And you don't want any medical bills interrupting your journey. You can skip the headache of financial loss by securing yourself with adventure sports travel insurance. It will cover not only your medical bills, but also any damage your expensive equipment might sustain.

Most standard insurance plans don’t cover claims related to inherently risky activities like storm chasing. So be sure to buy a hazardous sports travel insurance plan before you head out on a storm's trail.

Introduction to Storm Chasing

Storm chasing was initially not a sport. In 1874, a Scottish naturalist climbed a 100-foot (about 30-meter) spruce tree in the middle of a raging storm to feel for himself the might of nature in all its glory. But the first systematic attempts at storm chasing were pioneered in the 1950s and the 1960s by Roger Jenson and David Hoadley. However, its popularity spread only after a series of televised tornado videos were published by meteorologists starting in 1976.

If you are a storm hobbyist, then all you need to document the storms is a camera. However, if you are pursuing it from a more academic angle, then you will need satellite-based tracking systems and vehicle-mounted weather stations. However, this equipment is expensive, and you should take extra care to secure it against damage.

No matter how familiar you are with storms, do not attempt this alone. Chasing a natural calamity is dangerous. Even experts have dedicated teams to help maneuver through the storms. If you are a beginner, then opt for a guided storm-chasing tour. These tours can be found in most storm-prone areas of the world where storm chasing is a popular sport.

Choose your vehicle with care. Normal cars can be easily overturned or blown away by the massive tornadoes you will be driving after. Talk to an expert on how to modify all-terrain vehicles before you decide to drive out.

Risks of Storm Chasing

Storms can be powerful enough to overturn your vehicle. Strong winds can also pick you up and toss you long distances or hurl heavy objects at you. So, do not take the risks lightly.

Injuries from storm chasing range from bruises and sprains to broken bones, dislocated joints, concussions, and hemorrhaging. As weather conditions are always unpredictable, almost anything can happen when you go chasing storms. Always take protective gear, and as you’re starting out, only attempt it with an expert guide present.

Storm chasing is an inherently hazardous sport. So secure yourself financially against any unforeseen accidents with an extreme sports travel insurance plan.

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