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Weightlifting/Powerlifting Travel Insurance

Weightlifting/Powerlifting Travel Insurance

Weightlifting and powerlifting are becoming popular sports among tourists. It’s a competitive sport enjoyed in CrossFit gyms due to the extreme strength required. Both Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting are an essential part of routine CrossFit exercises.

There are severe injuries and health risks associated with powerlifting and weightlifting. The treatment for the same can cost you a bomb when you’re in a foreign country. Buy weightlifting travel insurance to help mitigate these financial risks for a stress-free journey.

Travel Insurance for Weightlifting and Powerlifting

When buying weightlifting and powerlifting hazardous sports travel insurance, keep these things in mind:

  • Most baseline travel insurance plans don’t cover inherently risky activities like weightlifting. Be sure you purchase a plan with the appropriate coverage.
  • If you have a history of injuries related to weightlifting or powerlifting, make sure that your plan covers you for these injuries. Many companies exclude coverage if your injury ties into a pre-existing condition.
  • Be sure your plan provides coverage for emergency medical evacuation, should your injuries be severe enough to require it.

Basics of Weightlifting and Powerlifting

Olympic weightlifting is a sport that focuses on performing two ballistic lifts overhead. To complete a maneuver, you need to perform a clean jerk and snatch with good technique. Powerlifting is a little less technical. The sport focuses on completing three controlled, heavy lifts. These movements are the squat, deadlift, and bench press.

Before diving straight into the strength component, your body needs preparation. A warm-up of at least ten minutes is required before weightlifting or powerlifting. The warm-up is followed by eight to ten minutes of metabolic conditioning, or “metcons”. These are required because it’s hard to build strength for proper lifting techniques. Only after you’ve been properly conditioned and warmed up are you ready to lift.

Powerlifting and weightlifting can build enormous strength when performed either together or individually. The compound movements are similar to everyday lifting. It is an exercise that requires the entire body, and it gives you an extremely strong back. Say goodbye to back pain the next time you sit in an office chair for 8 hours.

Both sports require a gargantuan amount of strength in both the upper and lower back. The ballistic lifts and controlled lifts put excessive stress on the lower back. Not using safety equipment or the proper technique can lead to severe injuries. People complain about injuries ranging from mild muscle soreness to permanent injuries.

Risks of Weightlifting and Powerlifting

Weightlifting and powerlifting put a lot of stress on the body. Adventure sports travel insurance for weightlifting is a must-have. Here are the risks of weightlifting and powerlifting that you should consider:

  • Due to the overuse of muscle tendons, the risk of muscle injuries is significant. There is a 25% chance of developing minor or acute muscle injuries that last for more than 14 days.
  • Rupturing ligaments or tendons is another risk that should be taken seriously. Ligament injuries can be serious most of the time. They might require surgery followed by 6–10 months of complete bed rest.
  • Joint-related injuries in knees, shoulders, and hips are commonly reported by professional weightlifters.
  • Although a rare occurrence, there is a heavy risk of spinal injuries due to improper posture while lifting.

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