Polo is a royal team game played on horseback, so a prerequisite is knowing how to ride a horse well. The game can be a unique experience for you, as it combines the best of equestrian sports and cavalry discipline. However, it can also expose you to the risk of a wide array of accidents and injuries. If you’re planning to play a rousing game of polo on vacation, it would be wise to purchase polo travel insurance so that the cost of medical treatment is not one of your worries.

Travel Insurance for Polo

Polo is a contact sport fraught with mild risks. Most standard travel insurance plans do not provide coverage for hazardous sports like polo. Get adequate polo travel insurance if you decide to indulge in the game during your trip. Most hazardous sports travel insurance plans will provide separate coverage depending on whether you are an amateur or a professional player. However, be aware that these kinds of plans don’t cover injuries sustained during competitions.

Your polo travel insurance will assist you with ambulance and immediate paramedic charges, should you need them. In case of serious injuries requiring hospitalization, the travel insurance for polo will help provide coverage for more thorough medical care. If you need long-term recovery from trauma, your insurance can help take care of those finances, as well. Say yes to one less worry, and get polo insurance before you travel.

Basics of Polo

In a polo match, players use wooden mallets to strike a small game ball through the opposite team’s goalposts, maneuvering from atop their horses to do so. Simultaneously keeping your balance and keeping an eye on the ball is vital, and it’s not exactly easy.

Wearing the right gear is crucial to keep injuries to a minimum. Wrist guards and helmets help, as do the right clothing and shoes. Many beginners choose to play arena polo instead of outdoor polo. It is important to learn polo technique and acquire the necessary skills before taking the game to the next level. By playing without practice and technique, you expose yourself to risk.

Risks of Playing Polo

Each team of four players tries to gain possession of the ball from the other team while avoiding a hit by a mallet. Polo brings with it a massive risk of injuries. Though polo ponies are well trained to handle the perils of the game, you must still be able to control them with dexterity.

The game involves a lot of commotion, bumping, turns, jumps, and falls. These falls are the most common reason for injuries. Head, arm, knee, elbow, wrist, and ankle injuries are common. In rare cases, the backbone gets injured, or a muscle could rupture.

If you get any of these injuries, you will need to be moved out of the arena to the treatment center. The treatment and recovery will probably take time, and it may even require hospitalization based on the extent of the injury. Joint and muscle injuries will require therapeutic gear.

In case you get injured, your travel insurance for polo will come handy; it will help take care of any medical expenses you might incur during your vacation.

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