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Atlas America Insurance Reviews
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A lot of potential customers are eager to know about the reviews about the visitors insurance or travel insurance plans that they can purchase from U.S. based companies. However, many reviews are not available because most people avoid posting any positive reviews, as long as they are having good service.

In case you have seen a lot of negative reviews about Atlas insurance on a different "review" web site, please note that those reviews do NOT refer to the Atlas America insurance, administered by HCCMIS and underwritten by Lloyds, but they refer to another UK based company that also has 'Atlas' in their name, and hence the confusion.

This web page will help you see the actual experiences of the claims with Atlas America Insurance or Atlas International Insurance. These reviews are provided either by the customers or by the claims department, and they are presented here verbatim.

  • I would like to provide my review of Atlas International Insurance myself as a customer, rather than as an insurance broker in this case.

    My 31-year-old brother-in-law (my wife's only brother) left for Singapore on August 7, 2010 for a training course for around 14 months. Before he left, we discussed getting him a travel insurance as the medical costs in Singapore are nearly as high as in the U.S., just in case he gets sick or injured. Myself and my wife discussed this matter to him and my father-in-law. Just like most people in India, they were unaware of the importance of buying such insurance and didn't pay much attention to it. They said he is young and healthy with no medical conditions and there was no need for the insurance. However, since we have been in this business for such a long time, we ourselves bought the Atlas International Insurance (from HCCMIS) for him anyway. We emailed him the copy of his insurance policy.

    He had traveled to Singapore alone on Aug 7 and was getting settled there. His course started on Aug 16. We had last talked to him on Aug 20. However, on Aug 22, 2010 Sunday, at around 1.00 PM Central time, I got a phone call from my father-in-law from India that my brother-in-law had suddenly passed away of a heart attack. We were completely shocked to hear and couldn't believe it. He gave me the phone number of the classmate who had also recently arrived there. I called him and found that they had gone to the temple and he fell down all of sudden, had vomited and was sweating. An ambulance was called immediately and by the time they reached Tan Tock Seng Hospital, he had already passed away. His body was later transferred to Singapore General Hospital.

    My relatives in India had absolutely no idea how to proceed on this matter. In this shocked condition, the first thing I did was I called HCCMIS's 24x7 emergency assistance number. They took down the policy number, name and other relevant information from me and created a case number and did the pre-certification.

    They made the necessary phone calls to the hospital, police etc. in Singapore trying to collect some basic information. Right after that, they forwarded my case to OnCall International, an emergency assistance company. I got a call back from the Operational Supervisor Kristin T., and she assured me that they would get working on this matter right away. After their initial analysis, I got a call from another Kristin O. that they soon discovered that it was still the middle of night (actually early morning) in Singapore and the relevant staff with authority (at the hospital, police station etc. in Singapore) would arrive only at 8.00 AM. They would resume the process then.

    As soon as it was day time in Singapore, they started working on that, I continued to get an update every hour from Loreen as I had indicated that I wanted updates 24x7, rather than just during the day time. Loreen from OnCall continued to call me throughout the night (U.S. time) and update me on the post mortem, police report and other formalities. Before the body could be released, the hospital asked for $15,000 that the OnCall people immediately guaranteed and sent the fax confirmation. After all that was complete, the body was transferred to Singapore Casket company that would prepare the body and casket for transportation to India. Mr. Simon sent the quote of around $10,000 for that procedure that again OnCall people immediately approved and sent the fax confirmation to them for guarantee of payment. By this time, it was again Monday evening in Singapore and rest of the matters would be handled by Casket company on the next morning. Meanwhile, I got the phone call from OnCall again (Kristin O.) that the money had already been wired to Singapore Casket company.

    I found out on the next morning (Singapore time) that in the quote given earlier, they could only send the body two days later by Indian Airlines. I insisted that the body be sent immediately by Singapore Airlines flight SQ430 on Tuesday evening itself which leaves Singapore at 7.00 PM, directly to Ahmedabad. Mr. Simon at Singapore Casket Company demanded an extra $6,000 for that as he said that Singapore Airlines costs that much more. I contacted OnCall again, and they immediately approved extra money and sent the payment guarantee. Soon after that, they completed other paperwork including the formalities at the Indian High Commission in Singapore. The casket was loaded on the first available flight SQ430 at 7.00 PM, and it arrived Ahmedabad airport at around 10.00 PM, India time. The body was transferred to a local hospital where it was kept for an overnight storage. It was later transferred to Vadodara at my in-law's home in the early morning, that is this morning, August 25, 2010 on Wednesday. Meanwhile, my wife had reached there too from the U.S. The body was cremated just a few hours ago.

    In this entire process, OnCall promptly approved the claims of around $40,000, gave me constant updates, consoled us all the time and did everything they possibly could, even given the language barrier with a few people in Singapore that they had to deal with.

    It is so sad and shocking that we had to deal with this matter personally first hand. Who would imagine that a thirty-one-year-old male who is completely healthy who had no prior health problems would so suddenly die of a heart attack? Even though I understand the value of insurance more than most other people, I still can't believe I myself ended up using this insurance in this manner.

    I sincerely thank everyone at HCCMIS, especially Kevin, Andrew Bard and also at OnCall International, especially, Mike Kelly, Kristin T., Kristin O. and Loreen for all the help and support that they provided us. I feel even more confident about them now that we indeed were in good hands.

    And of course, while my wife (Jagruti Khatri) has traveled to India on this occasion, I have again purchased the same Atlas International Insurance for her, God forbid.

    Narendra Khatri (Review provided as a customer myself)
    Plano, TX USA - August 25, 2010 at 11:24 AM

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