Atlas Travel Insurance - FAQ

What is Atlas Travel Insurance?

Atlas Travel insurance is a travel medical insurance for anyone traveling outside their home country.

Atlas Travel is made up of two products:

  • Atlas America, for Non-US citizens traveling to the USA and outside their home country.
  • Atlas International, for anyone traveling outside their home country and excluding the US.

If I am traveling to the US and other countries, what product should I choose?

As your travel includes the US, you would choose Atlas America.

If I am US citizen, what product I should choose?

If you are US citizen, your home country is automatically considered to be the US and you can not have coverage in the US. Therefore, you must choose Atlas International for travel outside your home country, the US.

I visited the WorldTrips web site and I only see the 'Atlas Travel' product; however, I don't see 'Atlas America' or 'Atlas International'. Have those two products been discontinued?


Atlas Travel = Atlas America + Atlas International.

Due to similarity of two closely related products, WorldTrips maintains just one product called 'Atlas Travel Insurance' and bundles the product details into one brochure, one application (online and paper), one 'Description of Coverage' and one 'Master Policy' for both plans.

In fact, in the Atlas Travel online application, the first question asked is 'Will your trip include US or US territories as destination?' If you answer Yes, you are given Atlas America. If you answer No, you are given Atlas International. In the past, we experienced with some customers incorrectly selecting 'No' when they meant to choose 'Yes' and therefore didn't get the coverage they needed in the US.

To help our customers avoid any confusion as they are two separate plans, we separated the 'Atlas Travel' into two brochures, one for Atlas America and another for Atlas International; each brochure only has their relevant portions. In other words, WorldTrips does not have a separate set of documents for just 'Atlas America' or just 'Atlas International'. In the 'Visitors to USA' section, we display 'Atlas America' product, while in 'Travel Outside USA' section, we display 'Atlas International' product. This helps our customers avoid any confusion related to which option they should choose.

Are the product names 'Atlas America' and 'Atlas International' made up by Insubuy®? If not, why don't I see them on WorldTrips web site? How do I confirm?

No. The product names 'Atlas America' and 'Atlas International' are NOT made up by Insubuy®. Those product names are given by and are registered trademarks of WorldTrips. Because the Atlas Travel includes both Atlas America and Atlas International, they choose to put only one combined name 'Atlas Travel' on their web site. However, once on their web site, if you put the terms 'Atlas America Insurance' or 'Atlas International Insurance', you will see those products right on their web site. They simply chose not to put the products in the main menu. Again, while viewing 'Atlas America Insurance', if you click on 'Review Coverage' or 'Download Brochure', you will see only 'Atlas Travel'. That again shows that they are all one and the same products. Moreover, if you look at the Master Policy of the Atlas Series of products, you will see 'Atlas America', 'Atlas International' etc.

Why can't WorldTrips put 'Atlas America Insurance' and 'Atlas International Insurance' in their main menu from their home page?

It is beyond our control to dictate how someone should make their web site. However, the best we can do is answer your questions and clarify any confusions that you may have. This is yet another value addition you are getting from Insubuy® when dealing with us.

How do I know I am getting the genuine product from the insurance company?

Insubuy®, LLC. is an authorized broker and leading company that markets Atlas products. However, your insurance is obviously with the insurance company; they generate the policy number and record your details in their system. Your insurance card will be mailed directly from the insurance company (you will receive it immediately in an email too).

Why should I buy Atlas insurance from Insubuy?

Please look at the Why buy from Insubuy? article below for complete information.

I am still not convinced. What do you suggest?

Please call our office and we will try our best to answer your questions. If you are still not convinced, you are welcome to call the insurance company directly and confirm that 'Atlas America' and 'Atlas International' are indeed genuine products by them. Of course, we request you to again come back to us to purchase the insurance.

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