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Senior Citizens Travel Insurance for USA

Senior Citizens Travel Insurance for USA

Millions of foreign-born professionals live in the U.S. whose parents and in-laws still live in their country of origin, especially in countries such as India and China. As family ties are very close among such families even though they live far from each other, they would like to invite their elderly family members to visit them in the U.S. to spend some quality time together, attend family functions, and tour the wonderous country of the United States.

There are many travel insurance plans available to senior citizens, both in the U.S. as well as in their home country. It is definitely preferred to purchase travel insurance from the U.S. as compared to from the home country. Visitors from India can read comparing travel insurance from the U.S. vs India before making any decisions.

As senior citizens are more likely to suffer from pre-existing conditions, it is very important to look at the terms and conditions of each travel insurance plan to make sure they meet their specific needs. A pre-existing condition is any medical condition that existed prior to the effective date of the policy, whether known or unknown. While most travel insurance plans do not cover routine maintenance of pre-existing conditions, several visitors insurance plans would cover acute onset of pre-existing conditions, an unexpected emergency occurring without any prior warning or symptoms that would require treatment within 24 hours.

Even though there is no universally accepted, formal definition of senior citizens, generally, individuals over the age of 60 years can be considered senior citizens. This segment of travelers is growing every year. They are not only visiting their family and friends abroad, but are also visiting various tourist destinations on their own, spending their hard-earned money after retirement. Because of this growing demand, many are looking for the best travel insurance for seniors over 70, or the best travel insurance for seniors visiting the USA. 

There are two major categories of senior citizens travel insurance:

It is always recommended to purchase comprehensive coverage plans and never the fixed coverage plans, as the healthcare costs in the U.S. are exorbitantly high and the sub-limits in the fixed coverage plans are well below the usual expenses. A visit to the emergency room may cost several thousand dollars, and hospitalization can easily cost tens of thousands—or even several hundred thousand—dollars.

Factors to Consider

Duration of Visit: While some relatives visit the U.S. only for a short duration, others are here for an extended duration. Irrespective of the duration, you should consider the best overseas medical insurance for senior citizens for a worry-free visit. It is not right to think that if the person will be here for a long duration, they should buy comprehensive coverage, and if they’re here for a short duration, they will be okay with fixed coverage. Unfortunately, life is very unpredictable. Nothing may happen in a long time, but something serious could happen in a second. At that time, what you have purchased is what you have to help you. Therefore, always consider purchasing comprehensive coverage plans.

Health Conditions: Some people may mistakenly think that their relatives are healthy and should therefore opt for fixed coverage plans, or that their relatives are more susceptible to sickness or have health issues and should accordingly opt for comprehensive coverage plans. Some people want to buy fixed coverage for their mother but comprehensive coverage for their father, based on the overall health condition of each person. Actually, such thinking is not accurate and would lead to trouble. Anyone can be struck with any new medical condition, accident, or injury at any time, and that is what senior citizen travel insurance is meant to cover. Therefore, always purchase comprehensive coverage plans. Too many people discover too late the deficiency of fixed coverage plans.

Activities: Irrespective of whether your visitors are planning to stay at home or roam around the country, the possibility of something new happening is the same. You take long journeys, visit numerous parks, and nothing may happen. However, while at home, they may fall down in the bathroom, fall down the stairs, or slice their fingers open cutting vegetables in kitchen. Therefore, always purchase comprehensive coverage plans.

Premium-Saving Strategy: As healthcare expenses are unbelievably high in the U.S., you should consider purchasing a high policy maximum. However, to save some upfront premium, you may want to consider purchasing travel insurance with higher deductible. Some travel insurance plans waive the deductible for urgent care or walk-in clinics. However, for anything else, you would end up paying the deductible first before the insurance company begins paying for any eligible expenses.

Travel Insurance by Age Group

Age 60–64 years: Various policy maximums ranging from $50,000 to $8,000,000 are available.

Age 65–69 years: Various policy maximums ranging from $50,000 to $1,000,000 are available.

Age 70–79 years: Two policy maximums, either $50,000 or $100,000, are available (More information).

Age 80–89 years: The highest policy maximum available is $50,000 (More information).


There are many different senior citizen travel insurance plans available in the market. Please make sure to read the terms and conditions of the plan you are considering to thoroughly understand what is covered and what is excluded. You should know exactly what you are buying so that you can make an educated decision.

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