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Patriot America Plus Travel Insurance

Please use this high level information as a guide only and do not make any decisions solely based on this comparison. If you have any concerns, doubts or questions, please refer to the individual policy details for complete information as it is not possible to accurately represent all the details in concise information such as follows. Please call us for further details. If there is any discrepancy between this comparison and the actual policy details, the policy details will override.

All the amounts are in U.S. dollars.

Routine physicals and vision (eyeglasses, etc.) are not covered in any of the plans.

Note: For all Comprehensive Coverage Plans, benefits are the same regardless of the policy maximum unlike Fixed Coverage Plans.

Plan type Comprehensive Comprehensive Plans
Plan name
Patriot America Plus
In U.S.: After deductible, you pay 10% (20% outside network) of the first $5,000 in covered expenses, rest covered at 100% up to selected policy maximum.

Outside U.S.: After deductible, covered at 100% up to selected policy maximum.
Doctor/ urgent care visits To policy maximum
Hospital emergency room (all expenses incurred therein) To policy maximum.

Extra $250 penalty/visit if ER visit for a sickness (not injury/accident) does not result in direct hospital admission.
Prescription drugs To policy maximum, maximum supply of 90 days per prescription
Diagnostic x-rays lab services To policy maximum
Surgical treatment To policy maximum
To policy maximum
20% of primary surgeon charge. No standby availability coverage
To policy maximum
Hospital room and board including miscellaneous To policy maximum, average semi-private room
Intensive care unit To policy maximum
Surgical treatment To policy maximum
Anesthetist To policy maximum
Assistant surgeon 20% of primary surgeon charge. No standby availability coverage
Physician's non-surgical visits To policy maximum
Consult physician, when requested by attending physician To policy maximum
To policy maximum
Same as any other eligible medical expense
Local ambulance
To policy maximum for covered illness that results in hospitalization as inpatient or for covered injury
To policy maximum
To policy maximum
To policy maximum
Acute onset only. Medical to policy maximum and $25,000 medical evacuation for persons under age 70
Universal RX Pharmacy Discount Card
Yes. First Health PPO
Benefit period for continued treatment following termination date of policy
6 months
To policy maximum
$50 per item, $250 max
$50,000 per person. Max $250,000 per family
Incidental and Optional End of Trip
$100/night, max 10 nights
$100/day, 5 days
Paper Application
How Plan Works
Certificate Wording
Provider Directory
5 days Renewable
Rx Discount Card
Optional Coverages
Renewable Yes, renewable for min. 5 days if purchased min. 1 month initially
Cancellation policy Before effective date, full refund. After effective date, pro-rated refund minus $50 cancellation fee as long as no claims have been filed since the effective date.
multiples of days (min 5 days) - max 2 years
Help Help Help Help Help
Available deductibles
By Age
Policy maximum options
By Age
lifetime maximum
$10,000 Age 80+
$50,000 Up to 79
$100,000 Up to 69
$500,000 Up to 69
Claims administrator International Medical Group (IMG)
Insurance company / Carrier / Underwriter Sirius International
A.M. Best rating A "Excellent"
  • $5 renewal fee (< 1 month)

  • *Not subject to Deductible or Coinsurance

  • To policy maximum, refers to the Usual, Reasonable and Customary charges (URC).

  • Coverages shown are per person unless noted otherwise.