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Honeymoon Travel Insurance

Honeymoon Travel Insurance

Getting married is one of the most exciting times in your life. Not only are you committing yourself to your partner, you’re also planning a wedding and an exciting honeymoon. However, many new couples neglect to purchase travel insurance when planning their honeymoon, but this can be a costly mistake. Here are the reasons you should purchase honeymoon travel insurance, and the benefits it can provide for you and your new spouse.

Why Buy Honeymoon Travel Insurance?

For many couples, a honeymoon is one of the most expensive trips they’ll ever take. The destination is often somewhere exotic, and involves spending a lot of money on airfare to get there, plus a pricey stay at a resort or hotel. 

The last thing you would want is for such a special journey to be cancelled, but it’s impossible to totally rule it out. You or your new spouse could get extremely sick and be unable to travel, or a family emergency could pop up. You also have to consider the remote possibility that one of the two of you could get cold feet, thus postponing the wedding and the honeymoon. 

It would be a shame if this happened, but it could also cost you big money. The expensive airfare and luxury hotel room you already paid for probably aren’t refundable. If you cancel your honeymoon trip, you’re probably going to be stuck paying for most of it. 

This is where travel insurance comes in. If you have to cancel your trip for a covered reason, your travel insurance plan can reimburse you for the nonrefundable portion of your prepaid travel expenses. It allows you to book an expensive honeymoon or other trip with a lot less worry about the unexpected.

What Benefits Can Honeymoon Travel Insurance Provide?

Each travel insurance plan is different. However, the majority of them will offer a suite of base benefits that can be really helpful if you’re put in a situation where you need them.

Trip Cancellation Coverage

This is the main component of a travel insurance package, as we’ve covered above. Trip cancellation coverage can reimburse you for your prepaid, nonrefundable travel expenses if you have to cancel your trip for a covered reason.

Emergency Medical Coverage

If you’re taking an overseas honeymoon, it’s important to understand that your domestic health insurance probably won’t provide sufficient coverage. This means that if you get sick or injured, you could be forced to pay for the entire cost of medical treatment out of your own pocket. For hospital stays this could be tens of thousands of dollars or more. 

A travel insurance plan with emergency medical benefits can provide coverage for sudden, unexpected and unforeseen sickness, injuries or accidents that occur during your trip, paying eligible costs for medically necessary treatment. 

Travel Delay Coverage

No matter how well you plan your honeymoon, the trip could be delayed for a variety of reasons such as bad weather, issues with your plane, a lost passport, etc. This can lead to a lot of additional expenses you may have to cover like hotel rooms, meals, boarding of your pet, extended childcare, rental cars, and much more. 

The travel delay coverage included in your travel insurance plan can reimburse you for these additional expenses up to the limits of the particular policy, so long as the delay was caused by a covered reason.

Trip Interruption Coverage

If something unforeseen happens after you’ve already embarked on your honeymoon, you may have to interrupt the trip to attend to it. This can be due to any of the same reasons covered by your trip cancellation coverage.

The trip interruption benefit can help in these situations by reimbursing you for any unused portion of your prepaid, nonrefundable travel expenses, reimbursing you for the cost of a plane ticket home, and reimbursing you for of the cost of a plane ticket to resume your trip if applicable. 

Baggage Loss Coverage

Losing your checked bag on vacation is a major hassle. And when it’s the fault of the airline, cruise line, or hotel, they won’t necessarily reimburse you fully. You could be stuck having to pay much of the cost to replace lost items such as clothing, electronics, medication, and other necessities.

The baggage loss benefit of a travel insurance plan can ease the stress during your honeymoon by providing secondary coverage to the coverage already provided by the airline/carrier (or your homeowner’s/renter’s insurance for pricey items such as laptops or jewelry). Your travel insurance plan can reimburse you for the cost of lost items not covered by the primary provider up to the limits of the individual insurance plan. 

Many travel insurance plans also offer baggage delay coverage

Cancel for Any Reason Travel Insurance

Unlike standard trip cancellation coverage which only provides reimbursement for trip cancellation for a covered reason, cancel for any reason (CFAR) coverage can provide this coverage for any reason not covered by standard travel insurance. 

However, keep in mind that CFAR coverage is an additional benefit not offered in all standard travel insurance plans. And in order to use it you will need to purchase the insurance within a certain duration of your initial trip deposit, and insure all of your prepaid trip costs. You also must cancel at least two days in advance, and you’ll never get back more than 50% to 75% of your prepaid trip costs depending on the plan you’ve purchased. Of course, you can still get back 100% of your nonrefundable prepaid trip costs if you cancel for a covered reason.

Read the Fine Print

Not all travel insurance plans are the same. Each will offer different benefits and have different exclusions and limits. This is why you must read the policy certificate to understand exactly what’s covered and what isn’t before purchasing. Take the time to compare multiple travel insurance plans on this website to decide which is the best fit for your honeymoon. And don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 

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