FAQ for Dental Vision Plan from CAREINGTON

FAQ for Dental Vision Plan from CAREINGTON


How much does it cost?

It costs $11.95/month per family (single, couple or couple and minor children) and there is a one-time, non-refundable application fee of $20. This cost is further reduced when you pay annually. The cost is $108 for the year, plus the $20 application fee. 

When can the plan be effective?

It can either be effective from the first of this month or the first of next month.

Can I buy it for 4 months up front?

Yes, you can choose a predetermined number of months; you can also choose to have the plan indefinitely. If you choose 4 months' duration, the first month will cost you $11.95 + $20 application fee, after which you will be charged $11.95 for 3 months. After that, the plan will automatically stop charging, and the membership will expire.

If you choose to have the plan indefinitely, the plan will start and charge monthly until it is cancelled. 

Instead of the combined dental/vision plan, can I just get the dental plan or the vision plan?


As the price for this plan is the same for the whole family, can I include my elderly parents and my family (myself, my wife and my 2 children) into one plan?

No. The definition of family in the United States, at least for this purpose, is a person, his/her legally wedded spouse and their minor children under the age of 18.

The price for this plan is for the whole family. If I want to enroll just one person, can I get it for a cheaper price?


What are the eligibility requirements to purchase this plan? Who can purchase this plan?

Anyone that would like to utilize the services of the plan in the U.S. can purchase it. The person can be a U.S. citizen, permanent resident (green card holder), temporary visa holder such as H1/H4 visa, L1/L2 visa, student visa, tourist visa or any other visa.

What area of the U.S. is the plan valid? Can I use the plan if I am traveling to different states?

As long as you have access to dentists in the network, you can use the plan anywhere in the U.S. However, please note that the amount that you have to pay for services varies based on the provider location.

Is this an insurance plan or discount plan? What's the difference?

This is not an insurance plan, but a discount plan. If you are willing to receive treatment within the provider network, this plan can work for you. Most insurance plans usually have a waiting period before you can get any major treatment done.

It is true that there are many discount plans out there. However, Careington dental/vision is an excellent discount plan that has been tried and tested several times by ourselves and it works very effectively.

You may want to consider buying dental insurance if you would absolutely like to go to the dentist that is not in the network or if there are no providers (or not enough providers) in the area you live.

Using the Plan

When can I use the services or discounts of the plan?

After you join the plan, it takes 7 to 10 business days for you to get the cards in the mail and for the company to set you up in their system so the provider can see your name in their database to provide you appropriate savings.

Before I get the cards in the mail, can I print the cards online?

No, you can only receive them by regular mail.

Can you expedite mailing me the cards if I pay extra money for a courier?

No, you can only receive them by regular mail.

Before the cards come in the mail, can I pay for the treatment myself and then file for a claim for reimbursement?

No. The card must be used at the time of service in order to get any discounts. There are no claim forms. This is not insurance, but a discount plan.

Can I go to any dentist? I would like to go to my favorite dentist I have been using for years.

In order to get any discounts through this plan, you must visit the providers in the network. Please look at the network to find the providers in the network. If you go to the providers outside the network, there are no discounts.

What is included?

  • Dental

    For dental, please look at the schedule. After you select your state, you will see a schedule with 3 columns. For all the procedures listed in the middle column, next to that, in the right side column is the amount you must pay for that procedure. You don't have to pay any amount beyond that, or have to worry about any claims or reimbursement. Please note that during the same visit, there may be multiple services performed by the provider and therefore, multiple amounts may apply. Also note that only the provider can tell you what procedures are required for the particular treatment and can give the estimate for your portion.

  • Vision

    For vision, please look at the schedule. For all the procedures listed in the first column, next to that, in the right column is the amount you must pay for that procedure.

Is anyone accepted?

Yes. You can utilize all the services listed in the schedule of services as soon as you get your cards in the mail.

Is there any limits on use?

No. You can utilize all the services listed in the schedule of services as much as you like as soon as you get your cards in the mail.

Is there any waiting period?

No. You can utilize all the services listed in the schedule of services as soon as you get your cards in the mail.

My portion of the cost for some of the procedures are quite high. E.g., I have to pay around $300 to $400 for a root canal. Do you have any other plan where I have to pay less money? How much is the plan saving me anyway?

This plan can save you 20%-50% on a specialist's normal fees.


How do I cancel the membership?

Please send an email to lecnac and indicate the name of the member(s) and state that you would like to cancel the Careington dental/vision plan. Please note you can cancel your plan at any time during the first 30 days and receive a full refund less the processing fee. Plan memberships can be cancelled at any time after 30 days, but you will not receive a pro-rata refund. You may also be able to log into MyAccount and cancel online. Contact us if you have trouble logging in. 

I am buying this dental plan in addition to the medical insurance. I am buying for my visiting parents for 3 months. I am charged up front for all 3 months for medical insurance. Why can't you charge for 3 months up front for the dental plan also? If not, why don't you automatically cancel my dental plan after 3 months as you already know that I need it only for 3 months and not for a longer duration?

We are insurance brokers and work with several different companies to provide you with the products that suit your needs. Each company is different, and each product from a given company is independent of anything else that you purchase from us with another company.

Careington dental/vision plan is not meant just for short-term visitors to the United States. It is meant for everyone in the United States and most people keep it for a long time, for many years. Therefore, Careington automatically charges either monthly or yearly, depending upon the option you choose.

We are not authorized to automatically cancel your dental/vision plan. We need your written authorization (preferably via email or requested from within MyAccount) when you would like to get your plan cancelled. Within the application you can choose a set number of months if you know how long you need coverage, and the membership will stop after that duration. 

I was not aware that I would be charged automatically on a monthly basis and my parents have already left the U.S. 2 months ago. Is it possible for me to get the refund retroactively?

If you intended to keep the dental/vision plan for more than 1 month, lets say for 3 months, you would know right away (and also by looking at your credit card charges) that you were not charged up front for 3 months. That would give you enough indication for the monthly recurring charge, even if you didn't read all the information while purchasing the plan or we didn't discuss this particular aspect (even though we try our best to educate our callers in detail). In this case, you would see a charge on your credit card in the second and the third month. That gives you enough information that if you don't need it any longer, you need to get it cancelled.

Unfortunately, under any circumstances, you can not get a refund retroactively. You will not be charged further after you cancel in MyAccount of send us an email to cancel the plan. Alternatively, you can select the number of months desired when the plan is purchased initially.

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