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Yacht Crew Marine Group Major Medical Insurance

If you are a marine employer that is looking for long term major medical group coverage for your captains, crew members and their dependents, we can shop around for you to get you the best deal.

  • U.S.: After deductible, pays 80% to $5,000, then 100% to policy max
    Outside U.S.: After deductible, pays 100% to policy max

  • Details:    Brochure   |   Country Restrictions
  • Direct Billing: Through First Health PPO Network (Within the U.S.)
  • Provides coverage to those who spend most time outside the U.S.
  • Underwriter: Sirius International
  • Employer-sponsored long term major medical insurance for groups of 3 or more.
  • Marine captains, Crewmembers and their dependents of all nationalities.