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Posted: 04/03/202415,952 Views

On April 8, 2024, a total solar eclipse will cross North America, first becoming visible on land in Mexico, then the Southern US, the Midwest, the Northeast, and portions of eastern Canada. The total eclipse will be visible from major US cities such as Dallas, Little Rock, Cleveland, and Buffalo, with views of a partial eclipse from much of the United States. 

Those in the path of totality will see upwards of four minutes of a total eclipse in which with moon will completely block out the sun, casting the world into darkness in the middle of the day. 

If you’re traveling to view the 2024 eclipse or simply taking it in where you live, it’s important to keep a few safety tips in mind, and be sure you’re protected with visitors medical insurance or travel insurance if you are traveling.

2024 Solar Eclipse Safety Tips

  • Eclipse glasses are required – Outside of the short period of totality where the sun is completely blocked out, you will only be able to view the eclipse using heavily tinted eclipse glasses. Looking at a partial eclipse without glasses can cause serious eye injuries including blindness. 
  • Pull over – Trying to view the eclipse while driving is extremely dangerous. Not only will you not be wearing eclipse glasses, you’ll also be putting other drivers at risk by not concentrating on the road. Pull over into a safe parking spot before viewing the eclipse.
  • Headlights on – Though totality will only last a few minutes, the entire solar eclipse will take over two hours in most locations. This means at least partial darkness for much of the afternoon. Be sure to turn your headlights on if you’re driving to make yourself visible to everyone else on the road.
  • Protect your body – If you’re going somewhere to view the full eclipse, you’re going to be standing in direct sunlight for hours. It’s essential to protect your skin by wearing sunscreen, a hat, and protective clothing.

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