Visitors Protect

Temporary medical insurance with coverage for pre-existing conditions.

90 Days to 1 Year

How Visitors Protect Insurance Works

If used:


You pay the deductible, even for doctor visits.


Plan pays 75% up to the selected policy maximum.

Plan pays 60% up to the selected policy maximum.

Plan pays 75% up to the selected policy maximum.


Visitors Protect is comprehensive travel medical insurance for people traveling outside their home country to the USA, Canada or Mexico. Using this website, you can get an instant quote or purchase online. Coverage can begin as early as the next day, or on any future day you specify. Upon purchase, you can download your insurance ID card from the MyAccount portal at any time. There will be a link to this portal in your purchase confirmation email.

What is Covered and Not Covered?

Visitors Protect insurance will generally cover any new medical conditions, including injuries and accidents, that occur after the policy’s effective date.

Visitors Protect does provide coverage for pre-existing conditions, with a maximum policy limit of $25,000 through age 69, and $20,000 for those age 70 and older.

Outpatient prescription drugs are covered, and subject to the deductible and coinsurance unless otherwise noted.

Visitors Protect also provides coverage for urgent care clinics and walk-in clinics. At urgent care clinics, there is an in-network copay of $25, and out-of-network copay of $50. Walk-in clinics require in-network copayment of $15, and out-of-network copayment of $25. After copayment, the plan will pay 100% to the selected policy maximum, both in and out of network.

Dental treatment is covered up to $300 for unexpected pain or treatment due to an accident, or subject to the deductible and coinsurance if due to traumatic dental injury. For any practical dental coverage, consider a low cost plan from Careington that provides excellent coverage.

Visitors Protect provides coverage outside of your home country in the USA, Canada, or Mexico. It also offers coverage for emergency medical evacuation, return of mortal remains, and the return of minor children.

How do I use the insurance?

Please look at the detailed description.

How much is covered?

First, you will need to pay your deductible per injury or illness, which can vary from $250 to $5,000, before the insurance will pay for eligible expenses at doctor and hospital visits. Until the deductible has been satisfied, you will be responsible for paying all of the money yourself. At urgent care and walk-in clinics, you will not have to pay the deductible, but instead pay the $15-$50 copay before the insurance will pay.

After that, the plan will pay 60% to 100% of the covered expenses, depending upon the type of care, and if you are in or out of network.


Let’s say you have purchased a $100,000 policy maximum with a $500 deductible for six months.

  • Let’s assume your doctor charges $200 per visit, and you have to visit her several times for treatment of the same illness.

    The first two times you have to visit the doctor in-network, you would be responsible for paying the full $200 for each visit, as the $400 total would still be $100 less than your $500 deductible.

    The third time you visit the doctor for the same illness, you would pay $125. $100 of that would go towards satisfying the remainder of the $500 deductible, while the remaining $75 would be paid for by the insurance, which pays 75% of eligible medical expenses within the PPO network.

    For any subsequent visits for the same illness, you would not have to pay any deductible. The insurance would pay 75% of eligible medical expenses to the policy maximum, while you would be responsible for paying 25%.

    However, if you need to return to the doctor again, but this time for a different illness or injury, you would first be responsible for satisfying the deductible again, as the deductible is only per-injury or per-illness.

  • Let’s say you’ve sustained a minor injury and need to visit an in-network urgent care clinic for treatment, and the resulting bill is $700.

    As urgent care clinics are not subject to deductible or coinsurance with Visitors Protect, you would only be responsible for paying the $25 in-network copayment. After that, the insurance would pay 100% of the remaining eligible medical expenses.

Benefits Updated: 08/01/2022

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