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Coventry PPO Network

Inside USA:
Coventry PPO Network

Most plans from Trawick International participate in the Coventry PPO Network.

When you contact a medical provider or present your ID card, what should you say?

My insurance uses the Coventry PPO Network and I found your name on the Coventry PPO network search.

“I have Trawick International Insurance” or “I use Trawick International Network” or “I have Safe Travels USA insurance” or “I have Insubuy insurance.”

Providers WILL NOT recognize this language, and your insurance may not be accepted.

Make sure to present your insurance ID card, NOT other documents such as business card or certificate wording.

When you go in the network, there will be network negotiated fees for eligible expenses.
You can also go out of the network but there would be no network negotiated fees. Direct billing depends on the provider.

All your claims will be handled by GBG Administrative Services in the USA. You never have to contact the carrier, GBG Insurance Limited or US Fire Insurance Company, for any purpose whatsoever.

Outside USA:

The Company retains the right to require the use of a Network Provider, where available. Utilizing these providers may result in payments directly to the provider as well as referrals to licensed medical providers you can trust. You can use the button above to locate a provider or be subject to 20% co-payment on all claims with some plans. Please check your certificate wording to see is this applies to you.