UAF-Interior Alaska Campus International Student Insurance

General Information

UAF-Interior Alaska Campus is one of the five rural campuses of the University of Alaska Fairbanks. It serves rural areas through the College of Rural and Community Development (CRDC). 

Most rural communities in Alaska have no roadways connecting them to the outside world. Thus, the UAF rural campuses serve as a critical link between the University of Alaska Fairbanks and local students. 

The Interior Alaska Campus is on the Troth Yeddha, a ridge named only in 2013. Today, this site celebrates the first people of the region who had settled on the ridge even before the 1840s. 

There is a museum and a park at the site with the campus buildings. The UAF Physical Plant is also located in the same area. 

UAF-Interior Alaska Campus Academic and Research Opportunities 

There are 112 disciplines with various vocational and technical programs. The student-faculty ratio here is 10:1. Each student receives personalized attention at the Interior Alaska Campus. 

The following schools and colleges are present at this campus:

  • Community and Technical College
  • School of Education
  • College of Engineering and Mines
  • College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences
  • College of Liberal Arts 
  • College of Rural and Community Development
  • College of Natural Science and Mathematics
  • School of Management 

Additionally, the campus also has a Graduate School that offers interdisciplinary programs. This is an excellent place to research elements of a subarctic climate. Graduate students can indulge in research through assistantships with the faculty and other research institutions. Professional licenses, master's degrees and a Doctor of Philosophy Degree are also offered here. 

The IAC prides itself on diversity with many students opting for nontraditional studies. The university hosts students from 50 countries and from all over the U.S. 

Health Risks for UAF-Interior Alaska Campus International Students 

Alaska is a place of fascinating natural beauty and you will certainly want to go exploring during your stay there. There are vast expanses of snow, trekking trails, and islands to give you an adrenaline rush. 

However, always put your safety first and be prepared against untoward emergencies. Watch out for sudden bad weather spells, wild animals in the woods and getting lost in the vast forest trails. 

Cover Your Risks with Health Insurance for UAF-Interior Alaska Campus 

At the Interior Alaska Campus, you have a wholesome experience of being a part of the native community. However, the Alaskan weather has a prolonged winter with near-Arctic temperature. The other three seasons are short, and the campus is located in an area surrounded by wilderness. 

This might be a drastic change in climate and environment for some international students. It's a wise choice to invest in health insurance beforehand. Healthcare insurance is mandatory for international students in the US, and it is necessary if you seek treatment in the privatized health sector of the US. 

International Student Health Insurance for UAF-Interior Alaska Campus - FAQs 

Many younger people may think there’s no need for health insurance. If you are relatively healthy, the idea of serious illness or accident may never enter your mind. However, it’s important to understand that in the U.S., healthcare is extremely expensive. Even a minor medical issue can cost your thousands, and impact you financially for years to come without proper coverage. To ensure you’re able to complete your program with less worry about a major medical bill derailing your finances, it’s critical to have proper health insurance. 

Do international students need health insurance before joining UAF-Interior Alaska Campus?

UAF Interior Alaska policy requires all F-1 or J-1 status students to have health insurance while enrolled at the university.

What’s the need for UAF-Interior Alaska Campus health insurance for international students?

Health complications can occur anywhere, and at any time. When studying internationally, it’s essential to have insurance that can provide coverage to protect you from major medical bills. This will allow you to concentrate on your program, rather than worry about how to pay off enormous healthcare costs. 

How to find the best student health insurance for UAF-Interior Alaska Campus?

The best way is to scrutinize at least three insurance plans from trusted health insurance companies. Compare the premium and deductibles covered under the insurance and choose the most suitable one. 

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