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Enter all the data below to get accurate information about visitors medical insurance policies and to get instant quotes. Compare, choose and buy.

Visitor Medical Insurance for Visitors to USA
Per Person
Choose the date when you would like to start your insurance mm/dd/yyyy
Choose the date when you would like to end your insurance mm/dd/yyyy
Years (If to be covered)
0 - 9 yrs
10 - 17 yrs

  • No paperwork, no medical exam required.
  • You can either apply online on this website or you can call us and we can take your application over the phone.
    It is exactly the same procedure and same price either way.
  • Name, date of birth and passport number is needed to apply for insurance.
  • Coverage can start as early as the next day or any future date that you specify.
  • As most plans become effective at 12:01 AM US Eastern Time, you may need to put the effective date one day in advance of the travel date in order to be covered during travel.

Flu shot is NOT covered in any visitors insurance.    Why?