International Travel Medical Insurance

Cruise Travel Medical Insurance for Emergencies

Cruise Travel Medical Insurance for Emergencies

Expense-wise, cruise vacations typically involve an airline ticket to the port, cruise charges, and the charges for excursions and other tours. For many people, it also makes sense to purchase cruise travel insurance that provides trip cancellation coverage before the cruise, as well as protection at sea, including emergency medical coverage.

However, some people are looking for cruise medical insurance only. Cruise travel medical insurance provides coverage for medical emergencies, emergency medical evacuation, and other travel-related benefits, but does not cover trip cancellation.

While on a cruise, you typically spend most of your time on at sea, far away from the medical facilities available on land. Cruise liners simply do not have the facilities, tools, or doctors necessary to treat most major medical conditions.

If you were to get sick or injured while on a cruise, medical attendants would try their best to do what they could and then make arrangements to get you admitted to a hospital at the nearest port. However, many people go on cruise vacations where most of the ports are small islands or cities that may or may not have adequate medical facilities to properly treat your specific medical condition.

That is why, as part of travel medical insurance, you also get emergency medical evacuation coverage, which provides transportation to the nearest place where adequate care can be given. It is determined by the insurance company and the attending physician when and where you should be transported.

What is the difference between cruise travel insurance and cruise medical insurance?

Cruise travel medical insurance forgoes the trip cancellation coverage offered by travel insurance, while still offering coverage for medical emergencies, emergency medical evacuation, and other travel-related benefits.

Benefits of Cruise Travel Insurance

Buying a travel medical insurance plan for your cruise is incredibly important, as the insurance plans offered by most cruise lines have medical maximums that are far too low to provide meaningful coverage. A cruise insurance plan can provide coverage even for major illness or injury while at sea and can even cover emergency medical evacuation if deemed medically necessary. 

Our customers agree. Cruise travel medical insurance from Insubuy can be a literal lifesaver.

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Do I really need a cruise travel insurance plan?

We can answer that question with one of our own: Did you know ahead of time the last time you got sick or hurt that it was going to happen? Of course not. We buy insurance to protect ourselves from the unexpected. The best cruise travel insurance from Insubuy can keep you covered on your next cruise vacation.

How can I get cruise travel insurance?

You can get travel insurance for cruises in minutes right on our website. All you have to do is fill out the quote form, compare plans, and purchase instantly online to get the best cruise medical insurance or cruise travel protection for your needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Cruise Travel Insurance

How much is medical insurance for a cruise?

How much you’ll pay for cruise medical insurance depends on the plan you select, the policy maximum you want, and the length of your trip. The cost can also vary depending on your age, which is important if you’re after the best cruise travel insurance for seniors. Enter your trip information to get free quotes today.

What happens if you have a medical emergency on a cruise?

If you have a medical emergency on a cruise, the onboard medical staff may or may not be able to treat you depending on the severity of the emergency. If you need emergency medical evacuation to a more capable facility it can cost over $100,000, so be sure you have cruise medical insurance that can cover it. 

Can I buy cruise insurance after I book the cruise?

You can certainly buy cruise insurance after booking. You can even buy it after you’ve already embarked. Just keep in mind that you will only be covered for medical issues that first occur after the effective date of the policy.

Does a cruise travel insurance plan also cover flights?

While cruise travel insurance can cover trip cancellation including the nonrefundable portion of your flight tickets, cruise travel medical insurance cannot. It is primarily focused on providing emergency medical coverage and other benefits once your trip is underway.

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