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International Group Medical Insurance - Purchase Steps

International Group Medical Insurance - Purchase Steps
  1. There are lots of questions asked. However, it is important that you patiently provide as much information as possible. There are many questions asked about the group itself as well as its employees and their dependents, if any. You can fill the employee/dependents information either online or you can send a spreadsheet as long as it has all the essential information included.

    Some insurance companies require that certain (such as 75, 80, etc.) percent of the eligible full time workers apply for the coverage or insurance companies will not accept such a group for coverage. If there are many employees in the company, but only a few want to apply for coverage, that means those are the employees that may be seeking or may be in need of treatment. Group insurance does not work out like that. Just like any insurance, you can't buy it when you need to use it. We encourage that everyone eligible apply for the coverage.

    Dependent children who are full-time students can only be covered with group insurance until they are 22 years old (or 23 years with some companies). A full-time student is anyone taking at least 12 credit hours of academic studies at a recognized university.

  2. As a broker, we work for you, not for any particular insurance company. Therefore, once we receive the quote request, we will do the shopping around for you. We will approach several insurance companies to get international group health insurance quotes. It may take up to 1 week for us to get the quotes. Quotes are based on the average age of the group, group's general health conditions, benefits desired and coverage area.

  3. Once you receive the quotes from us, we can discuss various options for you and you can decide which company may be best suited to you. We can also get modified quotes for you for different set of benefits, if required. Feel free to contact us at any time with any questions you might have.

  4. Once you have selected a company and the benefits you desire, we will send you the enrollment material. It will generally consist of a group application along with the application to be completed by each employee applying for coverage. Some companies also require the beneficiary forms and we will provide them to you if required.

    It is important and sometime very difficult for you to get all the employees to complete the enrollment forms and return to us in a timely manner. Enrollment forms that are signed and dated more than 30 days in prior to the effective date of the insurance are rejected by the insurance company. And of course, they can't be signed after the effective date. Therefore, it is very important for all the employees to get their enrollment forms signed within that 30 day duration. You can either mail, fax or scan and email the enrollment forms to us.

    Any applicants who have been on group insurance or individual major medical long term insurance can request 'Certificates of Creditable Coverage' or 'Certificates of Insurance' from their prior insurance company. These certificates, if applicable, must be submitted with their enrollment forms. This enables them to receive immediate coverage for pre-existing conditions or at least reduce the waiting period for the same if someone does not have enough creditable coverage. In absence of such certificate, most companies will have 12 months waiting period for pre-existing conditions coverage. In order to be considered for creditable coverage, there must not be a gap of more than 62 days between their last insurance coverage and this new group insurance plan that they are enrolling into.

    Group coordinator should send the group application along with the check for the first month's premium, payable to the insurance company you selected, NOT to us.

  5. Once we receive all the enrollment materials from you, we will submit it to the insurance company. If there is any information missing or need clarification, we will contact you for the same.

    If insurance company finds out about any new medical information about the group, different from original quote request submission, or census details have change, they may requote the group. Most of the times the quotes are higher, but sometimes may be lower.

  6. Once the processing is complete, insurance company will send the policies and medical insurance ID cards to each employee.

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