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Chandler-Gilbert Community College - Williams Campus, Mesa

Chandler-Gilbert Community College, Williams Campus, Arizona, International Students Insurance

General Information

Chandler-Gilbert Community College – Williams Campus in Mesa, AZ is a community college that is well-loved by its student body. The sense of belonging among this community of students is incomparable. As an international student, having a community you can fall back on becomes essential. CGCC – Williams has maintained its reputation as an anchor for its students.

Education at CGCC – Williams is a unique experience. The faculty is devoted to the cause of creating a community of alumni that is devoted to public service. 

Chandler-Gilbert Community College – Williams Campus Academic and Research Opportunities

Academic opportunities at CGCC – Williams are uniquely diversified. You have the opportunity to attain your degrees and certificates in a large variety of courses. Simultaneously, you are offered the chance to participate in programs for personal enrichment.

The following specialty programs are offered at CGCC:

  • Aviation 
  • Mortuary Science 
  • Law Enforcement Training 
  • Nursing 
  • Cyber Security
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Electric Utility Technology
  • Aircraft Maintenance Technology

Health Risks Chandler-Gilbert Community College – Williams Campus

Residents of Arizona have recently had to battle the effects of climate change. The state has seen a rapid rise in temperatures over the past few years. Air pollution has also been on the rise, making cardiovascular and respiratory problems much more common. 

Heatwaves and dust storms have also become a part of daily life. International students in Arizona will be at high risk of inconvenience caused by these factors. Not being used to such harsh weather conditions may lead to severe health problems. 

Cover Your Risks with Health Insurance for Chandler-Gilbert Community College – Williams Campus

Living in a new country all alone is a task in itself. You do not need the burden of large medical bills. Healthcare in the US can be extremely expensive and Arizona is no different than the other states.

It is important to purchase a health insurance plan while studying here as the health risks are mostly environment-borne. Attempting to foot such medical bills may result in you having to pick up a part-time job, and it will burden you mentally and jeopardize your education.

International Student Health Insurance for Chandler-Gilbert Community College – Williams Campus - FAQs

Do international students need health insurance before joining Chandler-Gilbert Community College – Williams Campus?

Yes. International students need a health insurance plan before enrolling. The college auto-enrolls students into its accident insurance plan at the time of enrollment. However, the coverage provided by this plan only extends to accidents that occur on campus.

What’s the need for health insurance for Chandler-Gilbert Community College – Williams Campus?

The most pressing need for health insurance in Arizona arises due to expensive healthcare. International students are extremely vulnerable to the kind of health risks present here, so purchasing health insurance can be a lifesaver.

The accident insurance provided by CGCC only extends to injuries that occur on campus. However, the most pressing risks are not covered. A health insurance policy will prove to be extremely beneficial for you in the long run.

How to find the best student health insurance for Chandler-Gilbert Community College – Williams Campus?

The college’s accident insurance plan can be found on the website. However, more versatile plans can be discovered on the internet through a simple search. Doing a cost-benefit analysis and comparing the features will help you make the perfect choice according to your budget and personal preference.

Chandler-Gilbert Community College – Williams Campus International Student Insurance Requirements

International Students

Chandler-Gilbert Community College, William requires all F-1 and M-1 international students to enroll in the Maricopa Community College school sponsored medical insurance offered health insurance plan. They school does not provide detailed information pertaining to an insurance wavier option. The school does not site mandated coverage for the dependents. Therefore, all F-2 visa holders must select a plan that meets all minimum limits required by the Department of State.

Those who carry an M-1/M-2 international student visa and looking for alternative coverage for your dependents, please contact our office for available plan options. 

It is recommended to contact the ISSO to verify the health insurance requirements prior to purchase, as detailed information may only be provided to the attendee.

Exchange Visitors

Chandler-Gilbert Community College, William does not list requirements for J-1/J-2 exchange visitors, scholar or J-1 international student. It is recommended that J-1/J-2 visa holders select a plan that meets all minimum limits required by the DOS. All plans under the Exchange Visitor (J-1/J-2) section will meet the requirements mandated by the Department of State. It is recommended to contact the ISSO to verify the health insurance requirements prior to purchase, as detailed information may only be provided to the attendee. 

Please contact our office for further information. This information is subject to change.

J Visa Insurance Plans

Patriot Exchange Program

ExchangeGuard® Choice

ExchangeGuard® Essential

Student Health Advantage Standard

Student Health Advantage Platinum

StudentSecure® Budget

StudentSecure® Select

Study USA - Healthcare Standard

Study USA - Healthcare Preferred

Study USA - Healthcare Platinum

Atlas Essential America

Patriot America Platinum

F Visa Insurance Plans

This school does not allow to purchase outside insurance or no insurance plans available that meet the school requirements.

DISCLAIMER: The school requirements are accurate as of the time of analysis. It is possible that the school requirements have changed since they were reviewed and matched with insurance plans meeting the requirements. It is your responsibility to ensure that the latest requirements are still met by the insurance product you purchase. We are not affiliated with the schools listed here and these insurance plans are not endorsed by your school.

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