Long haul flights are exhausting, whether you're a veteran flyer or it's your first long-haul flight. Even if you are able to sleep or rest onboard, you may have trouble getting comfortable or truly relaxing. 

If you're wondering what to do on a 12-hour flight, or how to survive a 24-hour flight, a few simple long haul flight tips could make all the difference in the level of comfort you will experience. Be sure to consider the following for your long flight essentials.

Best Snacks for Long Flights

Snacks like nuts, crackers, or dried fruits could be good options. While some longer flights offer meals, you may want to keep personal snacks on hand, especially if the flight is delayed and you are not able to deboard / board the plane on schedule. Depending on where you are flying from, you may not be able to take snacks from home and would need to purchase snacks after you've passed through security. Keep in mind that different airports may have different restrictions; you should always check what you are allowed to carry on the plane or pack in checked luggage in case prohibited items have changed.

Passing Time on a Long Flight

Planning your entertainment is essential to surviving long flights. Many people will bring along their mobile devices such as tablets or phones with games, movies, music and e-books already downloaded. Books, magazines or crossword puzzles, Sudoku, Word Finds, and similar puzzles are a great way to pass the time as well. The airline may play an inflight movie or provide a personal screen that allows you to choose what you want to watch from available options. Most planes these days will offer Wi-Fi while you're traveling allowing you to access movies or TV shows as well as social media/internet browsing on your smart phone.

Sleeping on long flights is a necessity for many. If you forgot headphones and an eye mask, which help with the noise and light in the cabin, you can pick some up in the airport to help you relax and sleep during your flight.

What to Wear on a Long Flight

The cabins on planes can sometimes become too chilly. To stay warm, you should bring a light jacket or sweater to keep yourself comfortable. Blankets and pillows are usually offered during longer flights, and if provided, will usually be wrapped in plastic and on your seat when you board the plane. However, a light jacket may be all you need. Dressing comfortably is also essential, loose and comfortable clothing is recommended. It's also a good idea to get up and move around a bit during the flight to get your blood flowing through your legs to avoid cramps and stiffness. Maybe just a walk up and down the aisle every couple of hours will help.

International Insurance

Purchasing travel medical insurance or trip insurance is also recommended. This will ensure you have coverage for an emergency, illness or injury during your travel as well as issues during travel such as lost luggage or flight delay. Domestic or home country insurance plans will not provide coverage outside the country or for travel issues.

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