International Student Medical Insurance

FAQ - International Student Health Insurance

FAQ - International Student Health Insurance

If you’re traveling to the US to study on an F1 or J1 visa, you may have questions about your health insurance. Many of these questions will be answered in the FAQ below, and can help you get a better idea of the next steps you should take to get proper health insurance coverage while you study in the USA.

Do international students get free healthcare in the USA?

No. Healthcare is not free for anyone in the United States, including international students. You must purchase medical insurance for international students in the USA either through your school, or on the open market. 

Who is eligible to purchase international student health insurance?

You are generally eligible for international student health insurance if you are a full-time student at a college or university, excluding online colleges and universities and you are studying outside your home country. You can either be a foreign student in the USA on an F1 visa to meet F1 visa health insurance requirements, or a U.S. citizen student studying outside the United States.

Can international students get private health insurance?

That depends upon your school. Some colleges and universities require international students to purchase health insurance through the school, with the price added to your tuition cost. Other schools allow international students to purchase their own insurance on the open market. You will need to check with your school's International Student Office to understand your options. 

I just graduated and I am on OPT (Optional Practical Training). Technically I am still on an F1 visa, can I purchase student health insurance?

No. You must be enrolled at a college or university and take classes on a full-time basis to be eligible for student health insurance. Consider buying short term health insurance products instead.

My school requires that any insurance I purchase must meet minimum requirements of the school. How do I know whether the insurance plans listed on your web site meet all the requirements?

We know the international student health insurance requirements of many schools. However, it is not possible to know the international student medical insurance requirements of all the schools. Please email the requirements to ofni or fax it to us at +1 (972) 767-4470 . We will look into the requirements and get back to you right away. Make sure to provide your contact information.

I have already verified that one or more international student insurance plans listed on this website meets all the requirements of my university. How can I get the compliance form (or waiver form) filled to certify that?

Please fill your portion in the compliance form and fax it +1 (972) 767-4470 . We will get it completed and fax it directly to your university. Please allow 3 business days for processing. While we completely understand that many students wait until the last moment to buy international student health insurance and want documentation right away, there are many more students just like you and insurance companies fulfill the needs of everyone right away.

You must first purchase the student health insurance before we can fill the compliance form for you.

Can I buy the student health insurance just for my dependents? I don't want to buy medical insurance for myself because I already get it through my university or I don't want it.

You can't buy international student health insurance just for your dependents if you are not buying the same for yourself. You can consider purchasing short term health insurance products instead.

I am currently studying full-time in the USA. If I buy one of the student medical insurance plans available on your web site, would I be covered if I visit my home country during vacation?

No. International student medical insurance provides coverage only outside home country.

Can I continue international student medical insurance after I graduate and before I get covered by employer's health insurance when I find a job?

No. You can be covered by international student health insurance only as long as you are a full-time student enrolled in an university. After you graduate and before you get covered through your future employer, consider buying short term health insurance products instead.

Will international student insurance cover pregnancy?

Yes, pregnancy is covered in most international students health insurance as long as you are not already pregnant at the time of effective date of insurance.

I am a Canadian citizen and don't require a passport to come to the United States to study. However, all international student health insurance requires me to enter the passport number. How do I buy the insurance?

You can specify your driver's license number.

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