How Much Does Travel Insurance Cost?

There are many travel insurance plans available from many companies, obviously, they are not all the same. Within a given insurance plan, there can be a variety of features and different optional coverages to choose. But how much does travel insurance cost?

The premium you pay for most travel insurance plans is typically between 4% - 10% of the total trip cost. E.g., if your trip cost is $5,000, your travel insurance could cost anywhere between $200 and $500. Of course, there are some travel insurance plans that cost less than that, as well as plans that will cost more.

Therefore, if you're asking questions like, "How much does travel insurance cost for a week?" or "How much does travel insurance cost for 6 months?" there is no standard answer. 

The cost of travel insurance depends upon the following factors:

  • Trip Cost
    Trip cancellation coverage is the most important coverage in travel insurance, where you are insuring the prepaid, non-refundable portion of your trip cost. Therefore, the higher the trip cost you are insuring, the higher the premium.

    As only the non-refundable costs of a trip are considered for reimbursement, the premium of the travel insurance policy can be a lower premium if the trip costs include both refundable and non-refundable amounts. If the total trip cost consists only of non-refundable costs, the premium can be much higher.

    Most travel insurance companies have a set trip cost when the trip cost is within a specific bracket for the trip cost such as $501 - $1,000, $1,001 - $1,500, and so on. Within a given bracket, the cost of the travel insurance would be the same.

  • Age
  • Statistically, the older the age of a person, the higher the chance of a person getting sick or in general, and making a claim. Therefore, travel insurance costs are higher for an older person.

    Most travel insurance companies have the age bands such as 50-59, 60-64, 65-69, and so on. Within a given age bracket, the travel insurance cost would be the same.

    Note: Age bands vary by insurance products, they will not all have the same age band.

  • Trip Length
  • Most travel insurance plans have the flat rate for any trip up to 30 days or 31 days, depending upon the plan.

    Beyond that, each plan is different. While some plans may have a flat per day price, others may apply different logic such as using the percentage of the trip cost, or another factor. All travel insurance plans have a maximum allowed trip length such as 30 days, 90 days, 180 days..

  • Number of Travelers
  • As the insurance company is accepting the risk for each traveler, if more people are traveling, the cost of the insurance would naturally be more.

    However, there are certain travel insurance plans that are considered family friendly, meaning kids of a certain age (such as 16 years) would be covered at no additional charge along with the parents. There may be a limit of 2 free children with two parents, but it may vary by the insurance plan you consider.

  • Optional Coverages
  • Depending upon the travel insurance plan, there may be one or more optional coverages, including but not limited to:
  • Destination
  • Some travel insurance plans charge a different amount of premium depending upon the destination to which you are traveling.

Even when all of the above factors are the same, there may be differences in benefits and exclusions that make the travel insurance plans from various insurance companies more expensive or cheaper. That is why it is best to use this travel insurance comparison website to select the plan that is the most suitable for your needs.

It is very important not to simply look at the insurance prices, but also to look at what it covers and what it doesn’t, as there is no one size that fits all travel insurance plan. If you need help understanding, contact our office.

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