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Q 1: Who is eligible to purchase WorldMed Insurance?
A: Individuals traveling or residing outside their home country or country of residence may purchase WorldMed for up to 364 days of coverage.

Q 2: Am I eligible to purchase WorldMed if I have already left my home country (or country of residence)?
A: Yes. You may enroll in WorldMed regardless of how long you have been living or traveling outside your home country or country of residence.

Q 3: Will my WorldMed policy go into effect the day I enroll? I need coverage soon.
A: No. However, your policy can go into effect as early as one day after your Enrollment is received.

Q 4: Is it possible to renew my policy?
A: Worldmed Insurance cannot be renewed. However, if you anticipate staying outside of your home country and in a foreign country longer, you can purchase an additional Worldmed Insurance plan to begin at the end of your current plan.

Q 5: Will I be able to make changes to my policy?
A: You may make changes to your personal information at any time, such as: address, email address and/or phone number. If you would like to select a different plan, deductible or different Buy-Up Options, you will need to submit a new Enrollment.

Q 6: How will proof of insurance be sent to me?
A: Your receipt and Confirmation of Insurance will be emailed to you.

Q 7: If I need medical care, will I have to pay for my expenses at the time of treatment?
A: You may have to pay for medical care at the time of treatment depending on the medical facility being used. In the event that the medical facility requires payment up front, you can submit a claim for reimbursement, less your selected deductible and the co-insurance. While not a guarantee, payments for large expenses such as Emergency Medical Evacuations are typically coordinated and paid by the insurance company's Assistance Service.

Q 8: What is a deductible?
A: The deductible is the amount that you, the Insured person, pay before the insurance begins to pay for covered medical expenses. All WorldMed plans offer a choice of deductibles.

Q 9: May I choose any doctor or hospital if I need medical care?
A: Inbound: Traveling to the U.S.
Yes, you may go to your choice of provider in the U.S. However, the coinsurance will be waived for visitors to the U.S. if expenses are incurred within the PPO network.

Outbound: Traveling Outside the U.S.
Yes, you may use any doctor or hospital when you need medical care. You may call the Emergency Assistance Company to help you locate a doctor or hospital.

Q 10: What is a beneficiary?

A: The Beneficiary is the person (or persons) who receives the Accidental Death benefit if the Insured dies in an accident while insured under the policy. The Insured will automatically be the Beneficiary for any insured spouse and children. Examples of beneficiaries include: your spouse, your children, your estate or your living trust.

Q 11: Does WorldMed cover pre-existing conditions?

A: No. A Pre-Existing Condition is defined as, "Any (1) condition for which medical advice, diagnosis, care, or treatment (includes receiving services and supplies, consultations, diagnostic tests or prescription medicines) was recommended or received...immediately preceding the Certificate Effective Date; (2) condition that had manifested itself in such a manner that would have caused a reasonably prudent person to seek medical advice, diagnosis, care, or treatment (includes receiving services and supplies, consultations, diagnostic tests or prescription medicines)...immediately preceding the Certificate Effective Date; (3) injury, illness, sickness, disease, or other physical, medical, mental, or nervous conditions, disorder or ailment (whether known or unknown) that, with reasonable medical certainty, existed at the time of application or...immediately preceding the Certificate Effective Date." For travelers inbound to the United States, the exclusion period is 18 months. For travelers outbound from the United States, the exclusion period is six months. See WorldMed's Description of Coverage for a complete list of exclusions.

Q 12: What is "Home Country Coverage"?

A: The Home Country Coverage Benefit provides limited coverage under your Medical Expense Benefit while in your home country. For more details, please see the WorldMed Description of Coverage.

Q 13: If I decide not to take my trip, may I cancel my insurance and receive a refund of premium?

A: A cancellation and refund will be considered if requested in writing prior to your effective date of coverage. Any refunds are subject to a $25 processing fee. Please mail, fax or email a refund request to Travel Insurance Services.

Q 14: Am I eligible for a partial refund if I return home before my policy expires?

A: No. After the effective date of coverage, the Insurance Company considers the premium fully earned and non-refundable. (This is noted in the Enrollment Agreement when you purchase online.) Refunds are considered only before coverage starts.

Q 15: After I submitted my Enrollment, I realized I entered the wrong Effective Date. What should I do?

A: Send any corrections to us in writing by email, fax or mail and we will confirm the changes. When sending correspondence, please include a daytime phone number and reference your Online Order Transaction number.

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If the correction results in an increase in premium, please submit check or credit card payment by fax or mail. When sending credit card details, please include the number, expiration date and a statement authorizing Travel Insurance Services to charge the additional amount.