Visitors Insurance Reviews on Internet and Social Media

Visitors Insurance Reviews on Internet and Social Media

Researching products is a great practice. Keep in mind when you're reading reviews that people are much more likely to write a bad review than tell the whole truth or write a good review. People that are at times unhappy with their experience with visitors insurance based on their claims experience and may want to post a negative review about the situation on the internet and social media. It is extremely important that you post your review about the correct company to help increase the chances of there being a resolution about it.

Before reading this FAQ, please read the following FAQs first:

What should I keep in mind before posting a negative review about Insubuy?

Before posting any reviews about Insubuy, please keep the following points in mind:

  • Be sure you mean to post a review about Insubuy and not the insurance company.
  • Please make sure that you are Insubuy's customer. Please look at your email confirmation you received at the time of your purchase to make sure you indeed purchased the insurance from Insubuy. If you are not sure, please contact us and we will help you figure out whether you purchased it from Insubuy or not.
  • If you purchased the insurance from somewhere else, please complain about that agent and not Insubuy.
  • If you can't figure out who you purchased the insurance from, it would be very unfair and inappropriate to blame and/or to post a negative review about Insubuy.
  • Please determine whether you are unsatisfied with the way the claim was processed or something else. If your complaint is about a claim, it was NOT processed by Insubuy. Please contact us and we will be glad to help you with a legitimate claim. Even after our best efforts, if your claim was not approved or if you had an ineligible claim or if you are still unsatisfied with how your claim was processed, please post your review about the insurance company that rejected your claim and not Insubuy.
  • If you are indeed having a negative experience specifically about the services that Insubuy provided, please post an accurate review by all means. However, before doing so, we would appreciate it if you would kindly give us a chance to correct the situation.
  • Please make sure that your review is genuine and factual.

I did not buy visitors insurance from you, but you sell the same insurance I bought. You are all the same, therefore, I am still going to write a negative review about Insubuy.

If you are not an Insubuy customer, you have no reason to write a review about Insubuy because you never interacted with Insubuy and Insubuy didn't provide any services to you. Therefore, your review would not be factual and, not genuine. You should refrain from writing such reviews.

If you had bought the insurance through us, it would be very unlikely that you would have a negative experience in the first place. Because we believe in educating our customers upfront, our customers are able to set their expectations correctly, which results in fewer cases of misunderstandings. In order to sell something to you, we don't make exaggerated claims about the coverage. We only provide realistic advice and leave the decision to buy (or not buy) up to you.

We, as a broker, work with many different insurance companies and are in a position to suggest to you the most suitable plan for your needs. Therefore, please consider buying insurance from Insubuy in the future.

I bought the insurance through Insubuy and the insurance company denied my claim which I believe were legitimate claims. Therefore, should I go ahead and post a negative review?

Before posting a negative review, please contact us and provide us with details. As mentioned in the claims help section, we will help you figure out whether they are indeed legitimate claims or not. If they are, we will help you work with the insurance company. If not, we will help you understand the coverage. If you are still dissatisfied with the claim, please post a negative review about that insurance company and not about Insubuy, as Insubuy has done nothing and does not process claims.

I don't have the time to follow all of your guidelines before posting a review. I have no idea who the agent is or who the insurance company is. I am just unhappy with visitors insurance in general. Therefore, I am going to write a negative review about Insubuy.

That would be unfair and unjustified.

If you don't identify yourself as an Insubuy customer, and if you don't give us a chance to work with the insurance company to resolve your legitimate claim issues, we have no reason to believe that your review is genuine or about Insubuy.

I know that I didn't buy visitors insurance from Insubuy but I had a bad experience with a claim and the other agent didn't help. I am dissatisfied with that agent and the insurance company. You are in the same business. Therefore, I am going to post a negative review about Insubuy on Insubuy's Facebook page.

That is not justifiable. Please post the review about the other agent or the insurance company on their Facebook page. There is no justification for writing a negative review on Insubuy's Facebook page about other companies and not clarifying who you are writing the review about.

I bought the insurance through Insubuy and the insurance company denied my claim. I don't need any help from Insubuy at this time. However, I just need to complain about my experience and therefore, I will write negative review about Insubuy.

Without giving us a chance to look into the matter to help you determine whether your claim was genuine or not, it would be unfair to just go ahead and write a review. But if you still want to write a review about the claim denial, please write review about the insurance company and not Insubuy.

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