Visitors Insurance USA - Privacy Concerns

Visitors Insurance USA - Privacy Concerns

Even though our web site provides extensive information about various insurance plans and instant purchases can be made online, many people have specific questions or they would simply prefer to talk over the phone, and some of them have privacy concerns related to the information they provide.

When I call your office, who will answer the phone calls?

As most people call our office to seek advice about purchasing visitors insurance plans, anyone that answers the phone call and gives any advice is a licensed insurance agent for Life & Health Insurance. All the phone calls are answered by our licensed agents in Plano (Dallas), Texas, USA.

When are the licensed insurance agents available on phone?

During our normal work hours, posted in the top right corner of all the web pages.

When I call, why do you ask my name?

As we receive phone calls from many people, we need to keep track of who is calling and to whom we are giving the professional advice. Therefore, we need to know with whom we are talking. We don't ask any personal identifiable information (such as social security number, passport number etc.) Just the first name.

I am not even buying insurance for myself. Why do you need my name?

We just need to keep track of whom we are talking with and what we discussed. This helps us help you in case there is any question in the future regarding who said what.

If we can locate a recorded specific conversation, we would be able to play it back and figure out what was discussed. This helps us resolve any potential issues faster, efficiently and accurately for you. Therefore, having your name and approximate date/time of your call would be very helpful in locating your call.

What will you do with the information I provide you? I don't want to be bothered.

We only ask the first name. There is really nothing we can do with it. We don't even ask your full name, direct phone number, cell phone number or email address.

We are aware that some brokers repeatedly call you and harass you until you buy from them or start sending you a lot of spam urging you to buy from them or send you spam about their other services or offerings after you buy from them. That is NOT Insubuy.

If you left an uncompleted application, we will send you an email with a link where you can resume the application. We don't send any spam or repeatedly call people and bother them.

We would call people only under the following circumstances:

  • You specifically asked us to call you back, either in a previous phone call or in an email or through an online query.

  • You called our office when we were closed (such as in the middle of the night) and we are returning your phone call (as a courtesy to you) to see if you still need any help.

  • You asked us to do something related to your policy that requires follow up phone call.

  • In case of unfinished pending application, we will call back to check whether you need any help in completing the application.

Other than that, we don't make outbound phone calls to our potential or existing customers.

We are already very busy efficiently handling the business we get. We simply don't have the need, time, resources or intention to unnecessarily bother people.

I am not comfortable giving my name, not even just the first name. Can you help me?

We are only asking for your first name, not confidential information or personally identifiable information from you. You should not be concerned about providing your first name. If you are not comfortable giving your name, we are unable to help you as we can't give professional advice to people who want to remain completely anonymous.

What if I give you fake first name? What if I say 'My name is John'?

We would have no way to know if your name is really John or not. However, if you have any questions or concerns in the future about your prior conversation and the advice we gave you, we would be unable to locate you. Therefore, it would be very hard to reconcile who exactly you are and what was discussed with you.

Therefore, it is in your best interest to provide the information we ask of you.

Moreover, if you call multiple times, we might be able to link various conversations together to give you fast and efficient service without you having to repeat the same information over and over again. This again works in the best interest of both of us.

In order to get the prices and proper advice, what information do you need from me?

In order to give you accurate advice, we would generally need to know the travel dates, ages of the persons, residence country and any other relevant information such as policy maximum you are looking for etc.

We assure you that we only ask you the minimum information needed to answer accurately and no more.

In order to apply for the insurance, what information do you need from me?

That really depends upon the specific product you are purchasing as we offer many different insurance plans from various insurance companies and each of them have specific requirements. That information is directly collected by the respective insurance company.

No matter what kind of information we have about your transactions, we never use that to call and bother you, send spam or any other solicitation. The only time you will hear from us would be regarding the transactions you initiate such as confirmation of purchase, confirmation of any requests for changes or cancellation, renewal notices etc. We simply don't send any spam and we never share any information with any third parties.

When I was shopping around for insurance, I received quotes from multiple places. I am now receiving spam in my email. Why are you spamming me?

If you asked us to email you the quotes, we would do just that, nothing more. If you left an unfinished application, we would send you an email with a link to resume that application. We don't send random spam emails. That is yet another advantage of dealing with Insubuy.

Moreover, you don't really need to shop around. We have all major US based visitors insurance plans available in the market and there is no difference in price anywhere for the exact same product. Therefore, you only need to deal with us as we are one stop shop. Read more information about Why purchase from Insubuy?

Please think about which other places you might have dealt with and try to figure out if they are sending you any spam. Of course, you should seriously think about whether you would like to deal with them in the future or not.

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