Visitors insurance - Claims Dissatisfaction FAQ

Please read the FAQ about Claims Help before reading this FAQ.

I am not happy with the way Insubuy processed my claim and I will never buy again from Insubuy and tell all my friends about it.

It is very important to understand that Insubuy does NOT process your claims. That means, Insubuy does not approve or deny the claims. Claims processing is done by the insurance administrator. Insubuy is simply trying to help as your broker and well wisher. Final decision for your claim is made by the insurance administrator and not by Insubuy.

Moreover, Insubuy does not offer visitors insurance only from one company but from all major companies in the US market. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with one company, we have many other options to choose from. And we can certainly help you with choosing another plan.

Finally, if your claim was denied, Insubuy did NOT do that. Therefore, it would be unfair to blame us for the same. It is a fact that some claims are simply not payable. We can try our best to help you with legitimate claim problems. In any case, we will give you our honest opinion. Insubuy does not get paid based on the denial or approval of your claim and therefore we have no incentive to say or do something that may not be in your best interest.

I am not satisfied with the insurance I purchased. Therefore, I am going to complain about Insubuy.

It would be very important to first determine what exactly you are not satisfied with.

Are you actually not satisfied with Insubuy's services or are you not satisfied with the claim result?

You would have a reason not to be satisfied with Insubuy staff, if they were not available to guide you, if Insubuy staff was not knowledgeable or courteous when you contacted, if the web site didn't have enough information about the products offered, if Insubuy placed you on hold for a long time or transferred the call around before you got to someone who could answer your questions. However, that kind of problem is extremely unlikely to occur. If in a rare case that does occur to you, Insubuy is here to listen to you and you can write a truthful negative review if Insubuy is unable to resolve your matters to your satisfaction.

However, if you are not satisfied or happy, it is more likely that your claim was rejected or had other claim related problem. But claims are NOT processed by Insubuy but by each insurance company's administrator. Even though we can help you with the same, we have no final control over their decision.

You recommended me to purchase XYZ insurance plan and now they have rejected my claim. Therefore, I expect you to make them pay my claim.

We offer all major visitors insurance plans available in the U.S. market and suggest you the plan that seems most suitable for your situation. Just because we suggested a particular plan, it does not mean that it is our responsibility to get every single claim paid. Each insurance company pays eligible claims based on the terms and conditions of their policy. There are many claims that are simply not eligible and therefore not payable. No one can do anything about getting ineligible claims paid. As many visitors insurance plans are similar at a high level, if one company declined your claim, most likely the other one would have declined it too.

I bought the insurance through you. Therefore, it is your responsibility to make sure that all my claims are paid.

Each insurance company pays the claims according to the terms and conditions of their policy. Therefore, just because you bought the insurance through us, it does not guarantee that all of your claims will be paid under all the circumstances. Each company pays only the eligible claims.

If my claim is not paid, I am going to take legal action against Insubuy, or I am going to complain everywhere.

Insubuy does NOT make any claims decision. Therefore, no matter what kind of pressure tactics you apply, it is finally the insurance company's claims administrator that is going to make the final claim decision.

While we are already trying our best to help you with your situation, if you make constant threats, we must stop helping you as you can't really attack the helper for no fault of theirs. Therefore, you must agree to refrain from making false negative comments about Insubuy, irrespective of the final outcome of the claim. In spite of our best efforts, if your claim is still ineligible and is not paid, there is nothing more anyone can do.

No matter where you buy the insurance, the claim is going to be processed by the insurance company's claim department which is the same in any case. At least, we are willing to help you to the best of our ability.

I referred many friends to buy insurance from you and my claim was denied. If you don't immediately pay my claim, I am going to tell all of my friends about it and they will all cancel the insurance from you. Therefore, you better pay my claim.

Insubuy does NOT make any claim decision. Therefore, it is not up to Insubuy to make any claim payment. If you have any legitimate claim problem, we already try our best to help you in any possible way we can. Therefore, no matter what you do, the insurance company's claims administrator is going to finally make the claim decision.

You never told me earlier about the details of the insurance. Therefore, you are responsible to get my claim paid.

All the available details of a particular insurance plan is already available on our web site BEFORE you decide to purchase the insurance. After you make a purchase, you will be given the policy details too. Therefore, it is finally your responsibility to read and understand the terms and conditions. And of course, we are happy to help. Irrespective of whether you read the terms and conditions of the insurance or not, the insurance company is only going to process the claims accordingly.

Insurance companies selling insurance never pay any claims. Therefore, they are all fraud and it is a scam.

That is incorrect. Insurance companies would not remain in business if they were operating illegally, by committing fraud or scamming customers. If your claim was not paid, then it likely means your claims was not eligible to paid as per the terms of your insurance policy.

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