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Trip Delay and Quarantine Coverage FAQ

Trip Delay and Quarantine Coverage FAQ

Worldwide, most COVID-19 travel restrictions have ended, and people have returned to international travel as normal. However, the possibility of coronavirus infection and the need to quarantine still exists for all travelers. They want to purchase travel insurance with COVID-19 quarantine coverage in case they are required to quarantine during their trip. 

The following frequently asked questions may help ease your mind about the details of trip delay and quarantine coverage in travel insurance. 

If I have to extend my stay in the destination country due to the quarantine, will my insurance automatically extend? 

  • Trawick plans: If you are quarantined during your trip due to coronavirus, the travel insurance policy will remain in effect during the quarantine. You will then be able to make a claim for additional days due to this quarantine.
  • IMG plans: Plans can be extended due to quarantine, but the extension is not done automatically. You will need to call the benefits department at that time to notify them of the quarantine.
  • Travelex plans: The plan can be extended for seven days, but you are required to contact the benefits department to extend.

If I have to quarantine and my traveling companion chooses to stay with me, can we both file a claim under the trip delay benefit? 

If your traveling companion chooses to stay with you, but is not mandated to quarantine by the governing authority, they will not be covered. 

In order for your traveling companion to file a claim under the trip delay benefit in this situation, they must have a document that states that they are required to quarantine by the governing authority. 

What is the difference between a trip interruption and a trip delay? 

A trip interruption occurs when you must return home earlier than your scheduled departure date due to a reason listed in the policy.

A trip delay or (also known as a travel delay) occurs when your trip is delayed en route either to or from your destination for six or 12 hours (depending on the plan) due to a defined hazard listed in the policy. Some of these hazards can include carrier delay, or quarantine. 

Can this benefit be used to buy new plane tickets, and are the tickets subject to the per-day cost? 

  • Trawick plans: The trip delay benefit in most plans will include an economy fare ticket from the point where you ended your trip to a destination where you can catch up to your trip, or a one-way economy fare ticket to return you to your originally scheduled return destination.
  • IMG plans: The trip delay benefit reimburses the change fee only, but you may file a claim under trip interruption if you must return home due to a covered reason listed in the policy. 
  • Travelex plans: The trip delay benefit cannot be used to reimburse for these charges, but you may file a claim to be considered under the trip interruption benefit. 

Do I have to contact you as soon as I have to quarantine?

  • Trawick plans: It is recommended to call the benefits department, but you can also simply file a claim when you return home. If any emergency assistance is required, you can reach out to the emergency assistance provider whose phone number is listed on the insurance ID card. 
  • Travelex and IMG plans: Yes, you must call the benefits department as soon as possible to notify them of the quarantine, as well as the plan extension.

Can I use a positive test as proof of quarantine, or do I need to visit a doctor? 

A positive COVID-19 test alone is not sufficient documentation for proof of quarantine. You must provide documentation from a physician or governing authority stating that you are required to quarantine. 

Do I have to pay up front and then file a claim for reimbursement? How long does it take to get reimbursed, and what do I have to include in my claim?

In regards to accommodation/lodging expenses under the trip delay benefit, you must pay out of your own pocket, and then file a claim for timely reimbursement. This claim needs to include any and all receipts for expenses incurred during the delay.

In regards to the accommodations, can the facility direct bill the insurance company? 

It is not possible for the hotel/lodging facility to bill the insurance company directly. You will have to pay up front out of your own pocket for accommodations, and then file a claim for reimbursement. 

What if I test positive in the middle of my trip? Will this benefit cover the quarantine?

In order for the accommodation expenses associated with quarantine to be reimbursed, you must provide documentation stating that you are required to quarantine by a physician or governing authority. There is no restriction that states that quarantine must occur during a specific portion of your trip. 

What if I am forced to quarantine but I didn’t test positive. Can I still file a claim for the accommodation expenses? 

  • Trawick plans: If you are not ill and are required to quarantine, the claims department will need to review and evaluate the claim on a case-by-case basis. They will adjudicate the claim and inform you of the outcome.
  • Travelex and IMG plans: In order for the plan to provide coverage, you must provide documentation from a physician or governing authority stating that you are required to quarantine to prevent the spread of disease, even if you do not test positive for COVID-19. 

I will be quarantined for 5 days after I arrive there. Will this be covered?

This will not be covered, as the plans do not include coverage for scheduled quarantine. In order for the quarantine to be considered for coverage, you would need documentation from a medical provider or governing authority. 

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