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Early April, 2024 promises to be one of the biggest travel times of next year, as millions around the globe scramble to view a total solar eclipse.

On April 8, 2024 a total solar eclipse will be visible in North America; starting on the west coast of Mexico, and continuing northeast through the continental United States and through eastern Canada. It will mark the first total solar eclipse viewable in North America since 2017, and the last time a total eclipse will be seen from the continent until 2044.

Not surprisingly, stargazers from around the world are making plans to witness this historic event. While the eclipse will be at least partially visible throughout much of North America, the best views are within the path of totality. These are locations where the sun will be completely blocked out by the moon, creating total darkness in the middle of the day. 

Parks, hotel rooms, and vacation rentals in locations within the path of totality are already booking up nearly a year out. So, if you want to experience this event, you should make your vacation plans soon. If you’re planning an eclipse-viewing trip next April, consider visiting one of these locations within the path of totality:

Mazatlán, Mexico

This resort town on the Pacific coast of Mexico will be one of the first locations on the continent to witness the eclipse. However, with its fantastic seafood, charming beaches and laid-back watering holes, there’s far more to do in Mazatlán than just stargaze. Spend your days having fun in the sun, at least until it gets blocked out for a few minutes!

Austin, Texas

The capital city of Texas is on the edge of the path of totality, but is sure to be a central gathering spot for eclipse viewers. Already an incredibly popular tourist destination for its funky vibe and live music, the parks of Austin, and especially Lady Bird Lake, are sure to be packed with people staring skyward. If you plan to head to Austin, be sure to book your hotel as soon as possible. It’s bound to be busy next April.

Indianapolis, Indiana

Indy will have one of the most complete views of the eclipse, being dead-center in the path of totality. The many greenspaces of this state capital will be perfect viewing spots. You can also choose to head to White River State Park, which will almost assuredly have lots of eclipse-related activities going on. Weather can be unpredictable in Indiana in April, so be sure to pack for every season.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park

If you’d rather view the solar eclipse in a more natural setting, consider heading to Cuyahoga Valley National Park just south of Cleveland, Ohio. This 32,000-acre national park is full of trails and greenspaces, and insulated from the humdrum of major cities. You may even be able to hear crickets and bullfrogs in the middle of the day as the eclipse plunges the park into darkness.

Prince Edward Island, Canada

Prince Edward Island will be one of the last locations in North America to see the eclipse before it exits into the North Atlantic. This rustic vacation spot is Canada’s smallest province, full of charming coastal villages, scenic water views, and rolling meadows. Although crowds are bound to be smaller here than in large population centers, accommodations are limited. You’ll want to book far in advance if you plan on staying for a few days.

Eclipse Viewing Travel Insurance

Before you set off on your solar eclipse vacation, make sure you’re prepared. Don’t forget your eclipse viewing glasses so you can safely look at the phenomenon, and don’t forget to purchase travel insurance.

If you’re heading to Mexico or Canada to view the eclipse, purchase travel medical insurance. Getting sick or hurt in a foreign country is bad enough on its own. Don’t make it worse with a massive medical bill that will drain your budget. Remember, your domestic health insurance likely won’t be accepted outside your own country. You need travel medical insurance to pay for necessary healthcare costs abroad.

Those planning to view the eclipse in the United States should shop for visitors medical insurance. While the US has excellent healthcare, it’s extremely expensive. You don’t want to get sick or hurt here without an insurance policy that can cover you. For visitors to the USA, a visitors medical insurance plan is the best option. It can allow you to get the care you need for a predictable price.

If you’re from the US and traveling domestically or internationally to view the eclipse, look into travel insurance. If you need to cancel, delay, or interrupt your trip, your travel insurance plan can reimburse you for eligible expenses. It can also provide coverage for things like lost baggage, and even emergency medical treatment.

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