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Please use this high level information as a guide only and do not make any decisions solely based on this comparison. If you have any concerns, doubts or questions, please refer to the individual policy details for complete information as it is not possible to accurately represent all the details in concise information such as follows. Please call us for further details. If there is any discrepancy between this comparison and the actual policy details, the policy details will override.

All the amounts are in U.S. dollars.


Comprehensive Help
Seven Corners
Lloyds of London or Tramont Insurance Company
A "Excellent"
Coverage area
Worldwide. Less than 180 days in a year in the U.S.
$5,000,000 (3yr+: $2,500,000) lifetime
Available deductibles

max 3/family (3yr+: extra $250/person)
Co-insurance, USA/Canada
After deducitble, you pay 20% in network (40% out of network) to the out-of-pocket maximum, rest covered at 100% up to policy maximum. Pre-certification required.
Co-insurance, outside USA/Canada
After deductible, covered at 100% (3yr+: 90%) up to policy maximum. Precertification required for hospitalizations.
Hospital room & board, USA/Canada
URC, semi-private (3yr+: $2,000/day)
Hospital room & board, outside USA/Canada
URC, semi-private (3yr+: $2,000/day)
Intensive care unit, USA/Canada
URC (3yr+: $4,000/day)
Intensive care unit, outside USA/Canada
URC (3yr+: $4,000/day)
URC (3yr+: 20% of amount charged)
Covered in hospital room/board or ICU charges (3yr+: Hosp. room/board: $2,000/day, ICU: $4,000/day)
URC (3 yr+: $100/incident)
URC (3yr+: $100 co-pay waived if admitted, physician: $150/visit, urgent care: $25 co-pay, lab/xray: $5,000/year)
URC (3yr+: $150/visit)
URC (3yr+: $150/visit)
max 40 visits/year at 70% (3yr+: 20 visits/year at 70% up to $75/visit)
$75/visit - $10,000 lifetime max (3yr+: $75/visit, $1,000/year)
URC (3yr+: $5,000/year)
URC (3yr+: $5,000/year)
Waiting period 728 days. $5,000/year, $50,000 lifetime
180 days
URC (3yr+: $5,000/policy period, outpatient only.)
URC, first 30 days of convalscent confiment
30 days/covered event
URC, first 30 days/hospice confiment
$75/visit, $10,000 lifetime (3yr+: $1,000/year)
$1,000,000 lifetime (3yr+: $500,000)
Maternity (Within 90 days) - 100%, Transplants - 25%, Other - 25%
Waiting period 364 days. $10,000/year (3yr+: $2,000/year) , $30,000 lifetime, Inpatient - max 45 days/year (3yr+: 25 days/year), Outpatient - max 40 visits/year (3yr+: 20 visits/year)
Waiting period 364 days. Prenotification required within first 90 days. 1yr+: $1,000, 2yr+: $2,000, 3yr+: $3,000, 4yr+: $4,000, 5yr+: $5,000
Included in maternity benefit
max 31 days, 1yr+: $1,000, 2yr+: $2,000, 3yr+: $3,000, 4yr+: $4,000, 5yr+: $5,000
$500/year. Additional coverage optional
Waiting period 180 days. $175/year. Over age 19
Waiting period 180 days. max $200/year
$250,000 per period of coverage
$25,000 (3yr+: $15,000)
$10,000 insured/spouse, $2,000 dependent children
$40,000 insured/spouse, $8,000 dependent children
Provider Directory
Paper Application
Certificate Wording
$50/day, max $1,000/year, outside US/Canada. Hospital Indemnity Rider covering additional $150/day
Credit Card Credit Card Credit Card Credit Card Credit Card
  • Limited coverage after 3 years

  • URC - Usual, Reasonable and Customary Charges.

  • Coverages shown are per person unless noted otherwise.