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Non U.S. residents term life insurance plans are meant for those who physically live outside the U.S. Those who live in the U.S. are considered U.S. residents even if they don't have green card and the term life insurance plans listed below are not meant for them. These term life insurance plans require underwriting and may require you to go through a medical exam. Whether you are eligible for term insurance primarily depends upon your country of citizenship and country of residence. Not everyone is eligible.

  • International term life insurance from 1 to 10 years
  • Details:    Brochure   |   Paper Application
  • Underwriter: Lloyds
  • U.S. Dollar Term Life Insurance for use when there is an international insurable interest involved.

If you are a U.S. resident (staying in the U.S., even if you don't have a green card or are not a U.S. citizen), you should apply for life insurance for the U.S. residents.