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Liaison International Insurance Reviews

The following Liaison International Insurance reviews have been compiled from individual emails to us, our discussion forums and our reviews section on our web site.

User Submitted Reviews
  • SRI - Liaison Insurance Experience

    I had a great experience with Liaison international administered by SRI. I had purchased insurance (comprehensive : FOR ABSOLUTE PEACE OF MIND) for my parents and my mother fell sick with the flu. She became very sick and had to be admitted to the emergency @ Stanford Hospital. The hospital honored the Liaison Insurance card and billed the insurance company. It was a huge bill, but the insurance paid for everything per the brochure and I had to pay the deductible.

    They even reimbursed for all the prescriptions and also paid for ambulance charges.

    Overall, a great experience, and I recommend to everybody who needs absolute peace of mind regarding insurance coverage issues.

    Thanks for reading.

    Krutibas Biswal
    Mountain View, CA USA - October 08, 2004 at 07:55:39 PM

  • Good experience - my insurance purchase from your company

    May I take this opportunity to thank your Company for arranging my recent insurance (Liaison International from SRI) and for your very helpful website with most important and easily understood information on all aspects of immigration which I feel sure accurately and responsibly addresses a great number of worries by many people including myself!

    Medical advice and quotes too are a minefield...but again...SRI set out their Liaison Policy very concisely so clients (and doctors) know exactly where they stand.

    Your site leans towards folk from the Sub-Continent, but is still very friendly and applicable for guys from Wales. Again my thanks and good wishes for your continued success.

    David Whitehead
    Wales, UK - April 18, 2004 at 10:48:30 AM

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