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Liaison Insurance FAQ

Liaison Insurance FAQ

I see that there are so many Liaison insurance plans. They all look very similar. What is the difference?

There are few primary differences:

  • Co-insurance amount (80/20, 75/25 etc.) and the out of pocket maximum amount.

    When you do the instant quotes on this web site, in the 'Details' section, the first line describes the co-insurance. Further details can be found in the brochure.

  • Policy maximum

    e.g., Liaison International and Liaison Continent offer $50,000, but Liaison Majestic offers $60,000.

  • Maximum duration you can purchase the insurance for.

    Liaison Continent can be purchased for a maximum 187 days. Liaison International can be purchased for a maximum of 45 days. Liaison Majestic can be purchased up to 1092 days.

  • Purchase limitation

    Liaison Continent must be purchased within 3 months of arrival in the U.S., if visiting the U.S.

  • Repeat Purchases

    Liaison Continent - If you have had coverage for 187 days then you must return to your home country for 30 days before purchasing this plan again.

    Liaison International - If you have had coverage for 45 days, you can purchase this plan over and over again without having to return to your home country in between purchases.

    Liaison Majestic - Similar to Liaison International, if you have had coverage for 1092 days, you can purchase this plan again without having to return to your home country between purchases.

You can also find these differences when you compare the plans side by side, which can be done by checking the check boxes next to each plan and hitting the 'Compare' button when you are looking at the quotes.

Note: Liaison Majestic has additional restrictions.

Is there any difference in terms of quality, customer service, PPO network or handling the claims?

No, there is no difference. They are all from the same plan administrator and participate in the same PPO networks. The major differences are what you see clearly on our web site in features and price.

When I look at the names of different Liaison plans, they seem to suggest that the coverage area would be different in different plans. Is that true?

The names of different Liaison plans are arbitrarily chosen and should not be interpreted in a descriptive manner.

E.g., one of our customers told us that
Liaison International - It will provide international coverage
Liaison Continent - It will provide the coverage only in the continental U.S., that is no coverage in Hawaii or Alaska

Please note that the above interpretation is entirely inaccurate. If that logic were really true, Liaison Majestic would only be for kings, queens, princes and princesses. In order to distinguish one plan from another, any other names could have been given such as Liaison Blue, Liaison Red, Liaison Green etc. or Liaison X, Liaison Y, Liaison Z. Therefore, please don't try to interpret each name itself.

They are all designed to provide temporary coverage outside the home country. There are some country specific restrictions, described in the details section and/or in the brochure, to exclude the coverage in some high risk countries such as Afghanistan or North Korea, for example, but that is completely independent of what the name suggests.

In the above FAQ, you claim that there is no difference. But there must be some difference that you don't know. Otherwise, why would there be two different plans? Can you find out for sure and tell me the difference?

Multiple Liaison plans that look similar (or the same) exist for historical reasons that are not even relevant from the customer point of view. If you are looking to buy any of those two plans and any of them would suffice your requirements, in general, you would choose the one that is lower price, unless any other feature (such as max. policy duration or the available policy maximum) is important to you that are different in the plan.

If there multiple plans that are exactly the same, why do you offer such duplicate plans? It is very confusing to me.

While we understand your feelings, we offer them simply because they exist in the market and we offer all major plans from all major companies. Even though for a given situation, two plans may be the same, but they are not the same for all situations. Moreover, if we didn't offer a particular plan, but a competitor did, customers would claim why we don't offer that particular plan.

Seven Corners offers several programs from multiple insurance underwriters. Essentially they are all very similar. Each insurance underwriter has their own regulations and underwriting guidelines. The benefit to offering plans from multiple underwriters is the ability to modify plans according to market trends, etc.

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