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Liaison Continent insurance is a very popular international travel medical insurance. It can be purchased by anyone temporarily traveling outside their home country. It is the most popular with non-US residents visiting USA as well as people traveling outside USA, especially to Europe.

Depending upon whether the travel includes the US or excludes the US, and the type of coinsurance (determines your out of pocket maximum) you would like to choose, the following variations of Liaison Continent plan are available:

  • If you are non-U.S. resident visiting USA and under the age of 65 years, it covers up to $25,000 ($2,000 for ages 65-69) in acute onset of pre-existing conditions.
  • If you are US resident traveling outside USA, it provides waiver of pre-existing conditions up to $25,000 ($5,000 for 70+).
  • It participates in various PPO networks throughout the U.S. where there are a lots of providers (doctors, hospitals, labs etc.) who can bill the insurance company directly and charge you only the network negotiated fees.
  • Provides coverage during international travel
  • It is Renewable (for min. 5 days) and Refundable
  • All claims are handled by U.S. based insurance administrator, which is licensed and regulated by Department of Insurance in the U.S.

  • If you are visiting the U.S., you can not purchase it after 3 months of arrival in the U.S., even if you have prior insurance from another company.
  • No physical card by postal mail. Insurance card is available only by email (which actually has the same information as it would be in physical paper card).
  • No coverage for unexpected recurrence of pre-existing conditions non-US residents traveling outside USA.
  • As the maximum available duration is 187 days, if your relatives are initially going to stay for 6 months, and planning to stay for another 6 months, you would not be able to keep this same insurance for the entire duration.