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Inbound USA Insurance Reviews

As many prospective customers are looking for reviews of the U.S. based companies, we have complied the following Inbound USA reviews from our discussion forums, our reviews section and those customers who sent them by email.

User Submitted Reviews
  • Seven Corners Paid

    They did pay for my mum. She had to go to emergency as she fainted in a public place and we & people around doubted she was having a heart attack. The hospital kept her for observation for 2 days which was completely unnecessary (some test they asked us to do and there was no one to do it on the first day etc). Finally they let her go with the same medication she had from India.

    The total hospital bill came to around 20k++. Seven Corners paid as per the clauses in the insurance without some follow up. But the coverage what we took was not very high - so we did end up paying 7K ourself. We got a 20% discount from the hospital for paying it back within a week of receipt of bill. We though did pay in full for the emergency ambulance service etc. Those are not covered at all by Insurance although it was just 5 minutes to the emergency room. They charge minimum for a trip - came to around 1.5k.

    We did keep getting bills from each individual doctor for literally no service (just came and asked how she is doing or spent 5 minutes examining her), we kept giving them insurance details, and insurance kept denying as these were above the daily limit, finally one day those bills stopped coming.

    Not sure if pre existing conditions are covered but for the money we paid as premium they were quite good.

    USA Sep 10, 2010 at 5:40 PM

  • Hi
    This post is to let you all know about my experience with Seven Corners. I had posted a message in the discussion forum last week about my experience with Seven Corners. I thought I had problems with getting a claim settled. My mother-in-law was treated for cold and wheezing. I had taken Inbound USA insurance for her. We had visited the doctor twice. We got two bills from the hospital, and I thought the insurance did not cover anything at all. So I posted a message in this website.

    The day I posted the message I got an immediate response from Mr. Narendra Khatri. He was willing to help me and he got me connected to the Vice President of sales "Seven Corners" Mr. Curt Carlson. Mr. Carlson also helped me out settling those claims in no time. He made sure that the explanation of benefits were generated and he sent a copy to me. I appreciate his help for looking into this matter so quickly. In spite of his busy schedule he kept in touch with me everyday until the problem is resolved.

    I appreciate both Mr. Khatri and Mr. Carlson for helping me in this regard.

    I am really happy with their service, and I ask you to consider Seven Corners if you are palling to take a fixed coverage insurance.

    I have posted my true experience, if you have any questions do contact me.

    Skokie, IL USA May 9, 2008 at 10:48:34 AM

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