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Acute Onset of Pre-Existing Conditions Coverage in Inbound® Plans

In Inbound® Choice, Inbound® Guest, Inbound® Immigrant and Inbound® USA, all insureds under age 70 have coverage for an acute onset of a pre-existing condition at no additional charge!

The Inbound® programs have a per injury/per sickness benefit schedule. The acute onset benefit will be the same amount as your client's chosen policy maximum; however, unlike the policy maximum, the acute onset is paid on a per policy period basis. This means if multiple acute onsets of a pre-existing condition occur, regardless of whether or not they are a different condition, we will only pay to the cumulative per policy period maximum.

Acute onset of pre-existing condition must occur within the U.S., treatment must be received in the U.S. and within 24 hours of the initial symptoms.
Examples are as follows:

  • Flu - $50,000 per illness, payable to the scheduled amounts.
  • Rash - $50,000 per illness, payable to the scheduled amounts.
  • Heart attack - (determined to be an acute onset of a pre-existing condition) $50,000 per policy period, payable to the scheduled amounts.


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