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International Medical Group (IMG)'s insurance plans

International Medical Group® was established in 1990 in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. International Medical Group® provides the travel health insurance person traveling outside their home country.

IMG® insurance provides the following types of travel health insurance plans:

• Visitors insurance - For persons visiting the USA
• Travel medical insurance - For U.S. citizens traveling outside the U.S. and non-U.S. citizens traveling outside their home country
• Schengen visa insurance - For non-U.S. citizens traveling to Schengen countries
• Annual multitrip medical Insurance - For executives and executive groups traveling throughout the year
• Long term major medical insurance - For expatriates and others who would like a U.S. style major medical insurance plans such as Global Medical Insurance and Geo Group
• Extreme sports medical insurance - Patriot Adventure insurance plans to cover adventure sports during international travel
• Exchange program insurance - Individual and group basis for exchange visitors
• Marine crew medical insurance Missionary health insurance - Individual and group basis, short and long term basis

IMG insurance plans are underwritten by Sirius International, a White Mountain company, that is rated A "Excellent" by A.M. Best.

IMG does not sell directly, instead relies on the agents to sell their insurance plans.

Insubuy® is a leading brokerage firm and offers the IMG insurance plans. Insubuy® has won many awards for selling the largest amount of IMG insurance.