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UnitedHealthcare PPO Network

Inside USA:

GMI plans participate in UnitedHealthcare PPO Network.

United Healthcare
Search Providers

When you contact a medical provider or present your ID card, what should you say?

"My insurance uses the UnitedHealthcare Network and I found your name on the UnitedHealthcare network search."

“I have IMG Insurance” or “I use IMG Network” or “I have Global Medical Insurance” or “I have Insubuy insurance.”

Providers WILL NOT recognize this language, and your insurance may not be accepted.

Make sure to present your insurance ID card, NOT other documents such as business card or certificate wording.

When you go in the network, there will be network negotiated fees for eligible expenses.
You can also go out of the network but there would be no network negotiated fees. Direct billing depends on the provider.

All your claims will be handled by International Medical Group (IMG) in the USA. You never have to contact the carrier, Sirius International, for any purpose whatsoever.

Outside USA:

IMG has a network all over the world. Outside the USA, some of the providers are contracted with IMG for direct billing, but there is no network negotiated fee arrangement. You are free to visit any hospital, doctor or provider, and you may have to first pay and then get reimbursed from the insurance company by filing a claim form.

International Provider Access (IPA)

The doctor's office or local hospital has a choice to be paid by the patient or by the insurance company. However, for larger eligible expenses like hospitalization/surgery etc., the insurance company can make arrangements for direct payment to the provider.