am planning a three day tour trip to Williamsburg on December 11-13. I have an elderly, sick father and although he is not traveling with me, I would like to purchase a trip interruption insurance, in case that there is a medical emergency or death, which forces me to cancel my trip. I tried getting one with the tour company I made reservations with, but the insurance they offer, only covers me if "the interruption is not caused by someone that has a pre-existing condition", I found that to be really strange, since this is precisely, why I need to have this type of insurance. I am doing this as a precaution, since there is so much time from now until my trip, and I can't for see the future. I need a confirmation if this insurance is going to cover my trip expense if there is injury or death of a family member at least 15 days before my trip date.

Thank you in advance for you assistance.