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Thread: Visitors medical insurance from USA vs India

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    Default Visitors medical insurance from USA vs India

    Many people whose relatives are visiting USA are considering purchasing visitors medical insurance either from India or USA.

    Even though we have had the same information in many different discussion threads and articles on this web site and on our web site for many years, we have reconciled all the information in one easy to read article.

    You can read the detailed comparison at
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    I'm going to write this here for everyone to read, PLEASE READ VERY CAREFULLY, THIS IS BASED ON ACTUAL EXPERIENCE.

    If you're wondering whether to buy a Fixed Insurance or Comprehensive Insurance plan, consider this;
    While Fixed Insurance plans are cheaper upfront, there is a reason, and the reason is that they provide practically no coverage in the US.

    WHY you ask?

    Simplest answer is that Fixed Insurance plans do NOT have any PPO networks. A PPO network is Preferred Provider Organization, it basically means that any doctor or hospitals who are part of that network have a PRE-NEGOTIATED RATE defined and CANNOT charge more that that rate.
    WITHOUT A PPO NETWORK, DOCTORS AND HOSPITALS CAN CHARGE ANYTHING THEY LIKE, so a Doctors visit for a Stomach Ache or Ear Infection can cost you $500 and a Broken Arm can cost you $10,000 when you visit a doctor or hospital who is NOT in the PPO network.

    Fixed coverage plans do NOT have PPO network and only pay minimal amounts ($60 for a doctor visit), it the lack of a PPO network which is the reason why the plan is useless.

    Spend you money wisely and purchase a Comprehensive plan, there are many good one there, Atlas, Patriot etc. Compare them and make a decision, but remember WHEN BUYING INSURANCE FOR THE USA ALWAYS BUY A PLAN WITH A PPO NETWORK. Otherwise you'll be paying for it for the rest of your life

    NOTE: I'm a consumer who got stung very badly with a Fixed Coverage plan and these are my experiences. I'm not promoting any product or service, just providing my feedback to help folks. I love Insubuy because they are VERY helpful and have GREAT SUPPORT and ARTICLES explaining these issues but I was short sighted to save a few $ and am now paying the price for it.

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