Request to INSUBUY to make this thread a sticky topic to help all consumers:

I'm going to write this here for everyone to read, PLEASE READ VERY CAREFULLY, THIS IS BASED ON ACTUAL EXPERIENCE.

If you're wondering whether to buy a Fixed Insurance or Comprehensive Insurance plan, consider this;
While Fixed Insurance plans are cheaper upfront, there is a reason, and the reason is that they provide practically no coverage in the US.

WHY you ask?

Simplest answer is that Fixed Insurance plans do NOT have any PPO networks. A PPO network is Preferred Provider Organization, it basically means that any doctor or hospitals who are part of that network have a PRE-NEGOTIATED RATE defined and CANNOT charge more that that rate.
WITHOUT A PPO NETWORK, DOCTORS AND HOSPITALS CAN CHARGE ANYTHING THEY LIKE, so a Doctors visit for a Stomach Ache or Ear Infection can cost you $500 and a Broken Arm can cost you $10,000 when you visit a doctor or hospital who is NOT in the PPO network.

Fixed coverage plans do NOT have PPO network and only pay minimal amounts ($60 for a doctor visit), it the lack of a PPO network which is the reason why the plan is useless.

Spend you money wisely and purchase a Comprehensive plan, there are many good ones there, Atlas, Patriot etc. Compare them and make a decision, but remember WHEN BUYING INSURANCE FOR THE USA ALWAYS BUY A PLAN WITH A PPO NETWORK. Otherwise you'll be paying for it for the rest of your life

NOTE: I'm a consumer who got stung very badly with a Fixed Coverage plan and these are my experiences. I'm not promoting any product or service, just providing my feedback to help folks. I love Insubuy because they are VERY helpful and have GREAT SUPPORT and ARTICLES explaining these issues. They have a GREAT comparison between the plans, spend some time going through them and reading the policy documents if you have time (e.g. pre-certification etc). I've tried every major insurance provider on the internet and have always come back to Insubuy.

I was short sighted to save a few $ and am now paying the price for it.