This is my first query. My mother (64yrs) will be coming to USA in jan 2008 on a GC. The only diagnosis that she has had in the past are psoriasis and stable angina. She did not have heart attack or by-pass or diabetes or stroke. She has ahd no problems in the last 3- 4 years. My specific questions are:

1. How long should a condition exist to be considered pre-existing? In her specific case she has been labelled as having angina although she has had no symtoms now for last several years and her medical evaluation is normal. If she has a heart attack would it be considered as pre-existing condition as she has be diagnozed with "angina" in the past.

2. My understanding is that she will have to buy a "bridge" insurance for 5 years on GC then "buy" Medicare part A. If thsu is true what are the insurance options in the state of WI?

3. Is there any plan for prescription drug coverage?

Thanks in advance