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Thread: Insurance for aging mother

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    Default Insurance for aging mother

    My mother will be arriving in a few months as a new immigrant (green card). She is 81 years old, and in good health for her age. I'm shopping for medical insurance plans, and am disappointed to note that the maximum coverage available is only $50k. What are my options?

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    The most suitable product would be the bridge plan. It is specifically designed for elderly new immigrants to the United States.

    Look at

    Only other product that gives $70,000 policy maximum is Inbound USA, available at
    However, this plan is fixed coverage plan and only pays a portion of the bill. More details about fixed coverage at

    I am sorry that, at that age, there is no much choice available.

    We, as a broker, work with most major companies in the US. However, most of the companies are not willing to insure that old person.
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