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Thread: Medical Insurance for GF...

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    Default Medical Insurance for GF...


    I am planning to have my girlfriend visit me here in the US. She currently has a tourist visa and I have just submitted my N-400 application weeks ago. Along with that I am surprising her to marry me while she is here visiting, hopefully I can have her status changed.

    Now, I am wondering if I can add her as a dependent on my health insurance policy(ins. from my employer) ? Is this possible? (She is on tourist visa until change of status is approved).

    Please advice...

    Thank you.

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    You may be able to add her to your employer's policy after you get married to her. Even after marriage, your employer might have some waiting period before they can cover her. Check with them.

    Until then, you have to purchase short term insurance for her. You can purchase Protection America, available for instant purchase at (It says Fiance on that page. But it is same situation for girlfriend as well.)
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