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Thread: Options for parent's insurance after citizenship

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    imported_sahooa Guest

    Unhappy Options for parent's insurance after citizenship

    Hello All,

    I hope this thread becomes a central place to share information regarding medical insurance for your old parents.
    I remember a conversation with a cab driver and the conversation veered towards medical insurance for parents. He made it sound that it becomes very easy to get Medicare after you get citizenship and sponsor your parents for family based GC. He also said that his parents though they never worked in US, are drawing social security benefits because of their age.
    I would like to discuss only the headache of getting sufficient medical insurance coverage for parents. And of course they have preexisting conditions, which 74 and 65 years old won't??
    So as I understand the steps are:
    1) Get a citizenship (hopefully by mid of next year).
    2) Sponsor your parents GC (how painful is the process & the duration?, I can get this from other forums.)
    3) The crux - how to get good & reliable medical coverage for them? Would Medicare cover them for their age???

    Please share your experiences and also if you like, send emails to [email protected]

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