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Thread: Insurance for new GC holder - 70+ yrs old

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    Default Insurance for new GC holder - 70+ yrs old

    Hello, my grandmother (71 yrs old) is about to receive her family based greencard and plans on moving to the US to be with the family. We live in Illinois. I am exploring the medical needs for her. She plans on moving to US permanently.

    1. At her age, what kind of insurance can I get for her?
    2. Do the county hospitals in IL treat people with no medical insurance? If so, what is the quality of such treatment?
    3. As the sponsor of her GC, are we responsible for all her medical expenses?
    4. What kind of assistance can we get for her?

    She has no pre existing condition except high blood pressure

    If anyone has had such experience, please do share. I appreciate any information about this.


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    1. Please read

    2. Please check with county hospitals.

    3. Yes.

    4. None.
    Thanks & Regards

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