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Thread: To Mr Narender; New immigrant insurance

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    Default Sponsored my parents, mom worked for 10+ yrs, dad did not

    Just to clarify, I've sponsored both my parents for GC. My mom has worked for 10+ years in the US. My dad did not. Now that they are both GC holders, my mom who is about to turn 65 would qualify for Medicare and her SS benefits. Will my dad as a spouse qualify for medicare as well as 50% of my mom's SS benefits? Will this in any way violate the affidavit of support I signed?

    Your response is much appreciated.

    I was unclear if your quote below is in response to the question about parents who are USC only. Sorry if you have to repeat this. thanks.

    Quote Originally Posted by narendra
    Non working spouse can get medicare based on the work history of working spouse. That's why that is not a problem.

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    Your dad getting SS benefits based on your mother's work history is not a problem and does not conflict with the affidavit of support your provided.

    And this applies to any one who worked for 40 quarters in US, not just US citizens.
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