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Thread: Limited coverage Plan

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    Default Limited coverage Plan

    Hi Sir,

    I wanted to understand "Limited Coverage Plan" before I buy it for my Parents.

    Suppose, my Hospital INPATIENT Bill is 10,000 per day (which includes Room, Surgery, Anesthetist etc.) . How much would be covered from fixed insurance? Like brochure says 1400/day -Room, Anesthetist Up to $825, Surgical Treatment Up to $3300 etc... would this sum up toward my 10K bill?

    This looks like if I got 10K bill, Insurance will give me by adding components which comes to like 50% of the bill, does this true,Am I understanding this plan correctly or not. Pls guide.

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    The hospital room and board is different from the surgery and anesthesia.

    You would need anesthesia when you have surgery.

    The bills for all those things would not be together but separate. Therefore, we need to modify your example a little bit to understand how much is covered.

    If you bought $50,000 fixed coverage plan,
    * Even if your hospitalization bill is $10,000/day, insurance company will pay $1,400/day for the same.
    * No matter what the surgery cost is, insurance company will pay maximum $3,300 for it.
    * No matter what the anesthesia cost is, insurance company will pay maximum 25% of surgery cost, maximum up to $825 for the same.

    There is no way to know exactly what percentage of coverage you will get as what the insurance company pays is fixed.

    I hope that answers your questions.

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to post them here or contact us at any time.
    Thanks & Regards

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