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Thread: Indian Insurance Vs US Visitor Insurance

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    Default Indian Insurance Vs US Visitor Insurance

    Just need your opinion. I feel buying the insurance in USA is better than buying the insurance in India because for example if you visit PPO doctor they will bill insurance company certain amount for a service but the insurance company will pay negotiated discounted price. Ex: If the doctor bills for $100 to Insurance, the insurance company will pay $30 or $50 and Insurance refuses to pay $30 or $50 we can pay ourselves but if we need to claim from India through any indian insurance company then we have claim for $100.

    Please let me know my understanding is correct from your experience from SRI or IMG or any company.

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    PPO network negotiated fees apply only for the covered expenses.
    For non covered expenses such as pre-existing conditions, it is between you and the provider. Insurance company does not remain into picture at that point.

    Most US based products we have offer have PPO network, except Inbound USA.
    Look at Next to each product, there is a link 'How Plan Works' That would explain you more in detail how that plan works.
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