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Thread: Need help selecing a product

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    Default Need help selecing a product

    I have shortlisted my needs for Insurance to Citizen Secure Insurance and Global Medical Insurance. AMong these two which is best and please tell why its best. Thanks

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    Both are very similar plans from 2 different companies.

    Few differences:

    IC Platinum covers maternity up to $50,000 while GMI has limit of $5,000/pregnancy, $50,000 lifetime maximum for maternity.

    GMI participates in First Health PPO network which is bigger and more recognized than IC platinum's Hygeia PPO network.

    Depending upon your age, there may be little difference in the premium, +/-.

    Few other minor differences. You can compare them side by side

    Some features may be more important than others. Accordingly, you can decide which is better one.

    If you have specific needs, please let me know and I will tell you which one will be better.
    Thanks & Regards

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